What does it mean if a food is high in any nutrients?

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It is called malnutrition.
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What are mineral nutrient in food?

Some of the minerals that are found in food are calcium, fluorine, iodine, iron, phosphorus, sodium and zinc. These are all the ones that were spoken about in the class I am taken, so there may be more than this, but these are the basic ones that I know about. I hope that this can solve your questio (MORE)

What are the different food nutrients?

THE DIFFERENT FOOD NUTRIENTS: 1.Carbohydrates-gives energy to the body.Commonly known as the GO FOODS. Ex: rice corn cake camote bread 2.Proteins-muscle cells and tissue builder and producer of body endurance.Commonly known as GROW FOODS. Ex: meat fish milk eggs 3.Fats-are nutrients that give ene (MORE)

What is food nutrient cycle?

A nutrient cycle (or ecological recycling ) is the movement and exchange of organic and inorganic matter back into the production of living matter. The process is regulated by food web pathways that decompose matter into mineral nutrients. Nutrient cycles occur within ecosystems. Ecosystems are i (MORE)

How does the body obtain nutrients from food?

Once the food has reached the stomach and is worked on by enzymes to break them down into absorbable forms of proteins and carbohydrates and other nutrients the 'food' is now passed into the small intestine from where it is absorbed accross the small intestine lining through the cells into the blood (MORE)

What does a food nutrient cycle mean?

Nutrient Cycle, is a general term for the course traced by any particular life-essential substance as it moves through the physical and biological environment. The nutrient cycle is a basic concept in ecology. Essential nutrient cycles include those of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and water. Many other (MORE)

What are foods that have calories but have no nutrients?

There are very few foods that have no nutrients whatsoever, but still have calories. More foods would fall into the range that they contain calories, but very little nutrients. These are known as "empty calories", meaning that they really do not help for the body. Some examples of these would be (MORE)

How does nutrients and food get in your cells?

Two questions: Food is broken down in the stomach and small intestines. Nutrients (plus other related stuff) is carried from the small intestines to the liver via the portal system. Some nutrients pass directly from the liver to the veins (inferior vena cava), then is carried by the blood to (MORE)

What does nutrients means?

Nutrients are chemical elements and compounds found in the environment that plants and animals need to grow and survive.

Why is it important to eat foods with high nutrient density?

Higher nutrient density allows you to get more benefit, from a smaller amount of food. Because of the higher nutrient density (found in fruits, vegetables and other natural foods) you will feel less hungry than you would if you ate pop tarts and potatoe chips.

What does it mean that a food has a High GI?

High GI gives a quick rush of glucose that then drops off just as quick as low GI. Low GI foods tend to provide a longer feeling of fullness while High GI gives it suddenly and then drops just as quick as the low GI so low GI is much better.

What nutrients are vegtables high in?

Many vegetables contain different nutrients and vitamins. For example, sweet potatoes are high in potassium and vitamin K but not all vegetables are high in these nutrients.

What is the difference between nutrients and food?

Food are substances that are taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, and promote growth. Nutrients, on the other hand, are substances that gives us nourishment. We take them from the foods we consume or the different types of liquid we drink.

What are some nutrient dense foods?

Potatoes, kale, blue-berries, garlic, eggplant, cucumbers, salmon,sardines, egg yolks and liver are some of the food items that arenutrient dense. The primary advantage of nutrient dense food isthat it gives you more health benefits in lesser number ofcalories.

How do nutrients from food get to your bones and muscles?

This is accomplished by the circulatory system - from the arteries, to the arterioles, down to the tiniest of capillaries, which feed all tissues, including muscle and bone. Exchange finally occurs between the capillary membrane and the cell membrane.

What food is nutrients found in?

Nutrients are found in all foods. well No s*** it is because nutrients come out of all the good foods that make all the c***** foods that make you s**** little things FAT,,, yeh that's right i said FAT

What are nutrient-rich foods and nutrient-lacking foods?

The most nutrient-rich foods are leafy green vegetables, followed by sea vegetables, other vegetables (roots, stems. etc.), mushrooms, legumes, seeds, and whole grains. Foods that lack nutrients include those that have been highly refined or processed, including sugar, soda, corn syrup, jelly, marga (MORE)

Is there nutrients in junk food?

No. That's what it is called "junk food". There is a lot of salt, sugar, and calories. It is bad for you and gives no value to your diet.

What are food soucres for nutrients?

Nutritienal treat noramlly include the following fruits,veggies and other suggested snacks - cucumbers - apples -oranges -carrots/ celery And lotz of other nutrientinal snacks

What food do you have to eat to get nutrient?

well you should eat all kinds of food like fruits and veggies you know, broccoli has certain nutrients that prevent cancer and there are just so many other benefits i could just go on and on. You know what here just go to this website it might just answer your questions!:) http://www.mypyramid.gov/ (MORE)

Where do nutrients from food enter the bloodstream?

This is a multifasceted question as there is no one place nutrients enter the bloodstream. If you are looking for a general answer, the gastrointestinal (GI) system digests and places the digested nutrients in the body via the bowels (large and small) through extensive networks of capillaries. The n (MORE)

What are some nutrient-dense foods?

Live is dense in protein and natural sugars it is one of the only foods you can solely survive on, also nuts are good for protein and carbohydrates, avocado is rich in amino acids and natural fats that are good for hair skin and nails.

What nutrients do animal foods provide?

This is what i copied from google. The availability of nutrients from foods derived from animals is very high and often surpasses the availability of the same nutrients in plants. Animals provide the bulk of dietary protein and calories to Americans and are a major source of vitamin A, iron, and ot (MORE)

How does chilling food preserve nutrients?

It slows to process of ripening which "locks in" the nutrients. Though even if the food is cooled or frozen it will still lose nutrients; albeit the process will just be slower. This mostly goes for fruit and vegetables.

Are there any risks in eating foods high in potassium?

Yes, there are risks with eating food with high amounts of potassium such as a banana. Some of the risks are heart problems, and cardiac arrest. Over time, these problems can kill you. However, keep in mind that you would need to eat about 250 bananas in a day to reach a lethal dose of potassium, (MORE)

Why do wetlands have such high nutrients?

Wetlands have such high nutrients because in wetlands there are slow moving waters so all the nutrients will stay in place that were in the waters. Also, the trees have a high number of nutrients too; so if they die, they will keep the nutrients that they have.

What do you mean high calorie food?

BUTTCHEEKS. Try the ABC diet. DAY 1: 500 DAY 2: 500 DAY 3: 300 DAY 4: 400 DAY 5: 100 DAY 6: 200 DAY 7: 300 DAY 8: 400 DAY 9: 500 DAY 10: FAST DAY 11: 150 DAY 12: 200 DAY 13: 400 DAY 14: 350 DAY 15: 250 DAY 16: 200 DAY 17: FAST DAY 18: 200 DAY 19: 100 DAY 20: FAST DAY 21: 300 DAY 22: 250 DAY 2 (MORE)

What are the different types of nutrients in food?

The major nutrients in food are protein, carbohydrates, and lipids (fats). These are the nutrients that your body can use for energy, and so these nutrients have calories. Other nutrients include water, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients do not have calories because the body does not get energ (MORE)

Why do you need to protect nutrient food?

Nutrients are important for health. Body needs different complimentof nutrients to gain esential cellular activity. So we shouldprotect foods for survive regularly.

What food group does not contain any nutrients?

Flour has almost no nutritional value, as it is pure calories, thatin our body becomes sugar, which becomes vinegar and alcohol. Flouris one of three "whites" among sugar and salt that is recomended tostop consuming.