What does it mean if a food is high in any nutrients?

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It is called malnutrition.
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What does a food nutrient cycle mean?

Nutrient Cycle, is a general term for the course traced by any particular life-essential substance as it moves through the physical and biological environment. The nutrient cy

Why is it important to eat foods with high nutrient density?

Higher nutrient density allows you to get more benefit, from a smaller amount of food. Because of the higher nutrient density (found in fruits, vegetables and other natural fo

What does it mean that a food has a High GI?

High GI gives a quick rush of glucose that then drops off just as quick as low GI. Low GI foods tend to provide a longer feeling of fullness while High GI gives it suddenly an
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What high risk foods mean?

That they are bad for your heath according to what your reading it from