What does it mean to deck somebody?

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Punch them in the face, usually resulting in them falling, as in, hit the deck! If this fails, you should run!
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What is the meaning of the idiom 'walked on' somebody?

I can't find any references to "walk on" someone - perhaps you are thinking of "walk over" someone. This idiom means to ignore someone's feelings and treat them with contempt,

What do you do when somebody is mean to you?

I would just forget about it. They need you more than you need them that's what my father used to tell me, opinion is there is no such thing as friends. The only true friend t

What do you do if somebody is mean to you?

I was bullied myself and it does not feel good . You should tell a parent or teacher, and stay away from that person. The girl that bullied me was rude, mean, selfish, jeal

What is the meaning of crush on somebody?

When you always want to be around them You look at them a lot You laugh at their jokes no matter how stupid You want to be mean to them so people don't think u like them