What does it mean to deck somebody?

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Punch them in the face, usually resulting in them falling, as in, hit the deck! If this fails, you should run!
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What is the meaning of the idiom 'walked on' somebody?

I can't find any references to "walk on" someone - perhaps you are thinking of "walk over" someone. This idiom means to ignore someone's feelings and treat them with contempt, or to treat them without respect. In sports, you might use the idiom to mean that your team had an easy victory, though that (MORE)

What do you do when somebody is mean to you?

I would just forget about it. They need you more than you need them that's what my father used to tell me, opinion is there is no such thing as friends. The only true friend that is always going to be there for you is the money in your pocket.. A: . You can internalize it and let it bring you do (MORE)

What does sticking out your tongue at somebody mean?

Depends what way the person sticks it out. If they are doing it with a negative attitude, it means they are bragging, showing they dislike you, or are jealous of you. If they are doing it with a positive attitude, they are just joking with you. If a boy does it to you, he likes you and is teasing yo (MORE)

What do you do if somebody is mean to you?

I was bullied myself and it does not feel good . You should tell a parent or teacher, and stay away from that person. The girl that bullied me was rude, mean, selfish, jealous, and again mean! >:( If you fight, it actually leads to more trouble. So if I were you, I would tell a trusted adult o (MORE)

What does it mean to spoon somebody?

spooning somebody is nothing to do with sex, it's basically cuddling up to someone with both your bodies in a arch shape im not sure but i think the man is supposed to be behind the woman, but it might not matter

What does it mean to imprint on somebody?

Firstly, imprinting is something that shapeshifters (from the twilight saga books by Stephenie Meyer) do. Shapeshifters are called werewolves which is the improper name, but oh well. Imprinting is something only werewolves can do. When a werewolves imprints on somebody it means that they have found (MORE)

What does it mean when somebody speaks in tongues?

Speaking in tongues is a religious experience. Somebody will talk in tongues because God (the Holy Spirit) is talking through them and the only way people can understand them is when God uses someone to interpret what is said (unless somebody is talking in a different language and somebody else who (MORE)

What does to rain on somebody or something mean?

I'm no professional, just an average guy, this may not be all the answer you're after, but to me it means in part to dampen or diminish or even distress with potential sickness like a Cold or Flue, like "raining on someone's parade". I hope it goes well for you, with only good amounts of rain with (MORE)

What is the meaning of crush on somebody?

When you always want to be around them You look at them a lot You laugh at their jokes no matter how stupid You want to be mean to them so people don't think u like them. You act like a completely different person. You either can't stop thinking about them or it's hard to imagine what they (MORE)

What does it mean if somebody calls you a tonic?

If someone calls you a tonic , they're saying you've cheered them up, made them feel good. One definition of 'tonic' is a medicine, or some kind of drink, that makes you feel refreshed, stronger, happier, healthier. So, you've done well; you've made someone happy!

What does it mean if you dream of somebody?

Maybe not much. [comments moved to Discussion page.] Answer Dreaming of somebody does not mean anything special; it does notmean that person is thinking of the dreamer or dreaming about thedreamer. Neither does it mean that there will be a future meetingor relationship. The subconscious mind crea (MORE)

How do you get back at somebody who is always mean to you?

Try talking to the person and listen to what they have to say. By listening you may find the reason why they are being the way they are towards you. If you manage to hear what they have said, then work it out. This way someone who is like this if you sort your problems they can become a good friend. (MORE)

What does it mean to be on edge with somebody?

it means that it is akward when they r together. like when ur on the edge oof a cliff. if u choose the bad choice, u will fall off. but if u choose the right choice, u will live. so if u say something wrong, then u will probably loose ur friend.

What does it mean to screw somebody?

It usually means to have sex with someone and then never see them again. Or you can just have sex and not be in a relationship with that person. It is usually a one time deal thing.

What does it mean when you dream about somebody you have feeling for?

Generally speaking, the dream reflects the dreamer's feelings for that somebody. A more specific interpretation is not possible without further information. However, dreams are about the DREAMER'S emotions; they do not provide insight into anyone else's thoughts or feelings.

What does it mean when somebody says slept with?

Slept with - most likely to have sex with , and spended the night with her/him. Slept with is a more polite term than using the word sex. Here are some examples .... (Example 1) I slept with Amber and it was amazing! (Example 2) No-one has slept with me so I am one hundred percent pure virgin! (MORE)

What does the phrase light into somebody mean?

It could mean "to fight" or "to attack" either physically or verbally. "He made me so mad that I could light into him and break his face!!" "When my mom found out that I had started a fire on the living room rug she really lit into me"

What does it mean to 'ride' somebody?

To ride somebody is to bother them about something without backing off. This could be called nagging as well, and is a form of intimidation to get someone else to do something.

What does it mean if you dream of somebody you love?

It is perfectly natural to dream of someone you love. Such dreams do not predict the future or give any guarantee that the relationship will be successful or mutual. They simply express the feelings you have at the time of the dream. Also, the dream only expresses your own thoughts and feelings; dr (MORE)

What does this phrase to have somebody mean?

It can mean that you are in a committed relationship with them, as if you belong to each other. It can also mean that you have the advantage over someone, especially if they have done something wrong and you know about it - you could say "I have him now!"

What does it mean when you dream of somebody killing?

I think it means your just afraid of losing them. . This question does not have quite enough information for a reasonable interpretation. It is not clear whether the "somebody" is a stranger, an imaginary character, or the dreamer him/her self. Whom is being killed also affects the meaning of the d (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream that you are somebody else?

There is not enough information about the dream itself to risk any interpretation. It depends on the sort of person one dreams of being - a criminal? a saint? a warrior or a millionaire? There are far too many possibilities to provide a single answer. Generally speaking, the dream represents an atte (MORE)

What does to pick on somebody mean?

The meaning of the word 'pick' is... . pick 1    [pik] Show IPA. verb (used with object). 1. to choose or select from among a group: to pick a contestant from the audience.. 2. to seek and find occasion for; provoke: to pick a fight.. 3. to attempt to find; seek out: to pick flaw (MORE)

What does it mean to undercut somebody?

When somebody, generally a company, is attempting to undercut another, it involves selling products for less than your competitors and giving a discount. This is ultimately a way to undermine competitors and gain popularity.

What does it mean when you dream about somebody hitting you?

This dream might reflect your feelings about a recent incident whenyou felt attacked by someone else. This might have been a verbalinsult or some unintentional unkind comment that hurt yourfeelings. Dreams often depict literal and exaggeratedinterpretations of insignificant events. Another possibili (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream about somebody?

Contrary to popular superstitions that are circulating on theInternet, dreaming about somebody does NOT mean that person isthinking or dreaming about you. There is no magicaltransmitter/receiver in the human brain that somehow activatesduring sleep to share dreams between individuals. Your dreams ex (MORE)

When you are emailing somebody what does cc mean?

It's an abbreviation that dates back to the days when people stillused typewriters and copies were made using carbon paper : cc = carbon copy Someone receives a copy of the email and the original recipient isnotified about that. bcc = blind carbon copy Someone receives a copy and neither the rec (MORE)