What does it mean to issue a bond?

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When you issue a bond you are basically issuing a debt security, that is, borrowing money from willing investors with the promise of paying back principal at expiration (paying back the borrowed amount at the time the loan expires), meanwhile making regular pre-determined interest payments to the bondholder.
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Who issue performance bond?

Answer . A performance bond is generally entered by a financier, on behalf of an account party, with a beneficiary to secure the performance of that account party's obliga

Municipal bonds are issued by?

A municipal bond is a bond issued by a local government such ascities, states and counties. The bond is usually issued to helpfinance a large project like building a park or s

What are Kangaroo Bonds issued in Australia?

Kangaroo Bonds, also known as Matilda Bonds, are foreign bondsissued in the Australian market by non-Australian firms, butdenominated in Australian currency. They are subject

What does it mean when bonds are issued at a discount?

When a bond is issued at a discount, it is issued for a price less than par (face value). For example, if you were to purchase a bond with a face value of one thousand dollars

Why issue bonds?

A bond is a formal contract by the government to pay back money you loan to them.

What is your opinion on the issue of infrastructure bonds?

Infra Bonds are like any other bond that is available in the debt market for purchase with the only difference being the fact that, the funds collected through the sale of the
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Who decides to issue bonds for a corporation?

corporation, the board of directors is responsible for making the decisions related to a bond issue including determining how much money is to be raised, what type of bond wil
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What does it mean for a bond to be issued at a discount or premium?

The Conversion Premium is the amount by which the current price of a convertible security exceeds the current market value of the stock into which it may be converted. For ex
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What are corporate bonds issued for?

A corporate bond is a bond issued by a corporation for the purpose of raising funds and expanding the business. These bonds are usually long-term (i.e. at least one year) and