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In Canada, people have the opportunity to join a political party of their choice by paying a modest membership fee. Usually, the only 'political' requirement to becoming a member of a party is to state in writing that you are not a member or supporter of any other political party. (This is referred to variously as 'making a commitment to the party' or 'party loyalty.') Membership in a political party allows you opportunities to choose your party's candidate in an election, attend membership meetings in your riding (i.e., electoral district), and become a delegate to party conventions where party policy is decided. There is also a certain amount of social life within political parties, which includes opportunities to meet party leaders face-to-face. There is a general expectation that a member of a political party will volunteer to help out during an election campaign, and make a modest financial donation to the cause. These, however, are not mandatory. But party loyalty is a more important requirement than contributing time or money to the party. In essence, one is expected to support the policies and leaders of one's party, or at least remain silent and not openly oppose them. Roughly 3 percent of Canada's population are so-called "card-carrying members" of one political party or another. I, for example, was a member of Canada's New Democratic Party (NDP) for well over a quarter century. (I am still a strong supporter of the NDP and I voluntarily continue to respect and observe party loyalty.) You will find the official list of Canada's registered political parties at the Elections Canada website. (Just Google "elections canada.") Feel free to contact any or all of Canada's political parties for further information about each one.
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