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What does it mean when a school bus displays yellow flashing lights?

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It is a warning that the bus is about to stop, and to prepare to see the flashing red warnings displayed.
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What does a flashing yellow light means?

Flashing yellow light at a signal indicates that slowing down is  essential especially before passing an intersection. Stopping is  not required when yellow light is flashed

What does a yellow flashing light mean?

Proceed with caution. Slow down and proceed with caution. slow down, look and then proceed with caution.

What do flashing red lights on a school bus mean?

That the bus is either letting off or taking on passengers, and that it's illegal to pass that bus at that point.
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A school bus with red flashing lights means?

It means they are loading/ unloading passengers. All vehicles in BOTH directions are to stop- except for vehicles on the other side of a divided highway.