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What does it mean when an album has gone multi-platinum?

RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is a group that protects the rights of songwriters and artists in the recording industry. They give out awards on a per releas (MORE)

What does DVD multi mean?

DVD multi is a specification that is used for optical media drives.Drives that contain DVD Multi can read and write DVD-R, DVD-RWdiscs. It can also read DVD-ROM, and DVD video (MORE)

What does multi user license mean?

Lets say you have a business with many computers, a multi-user licence will allow you to register and allow more than one computer to be activated under one licence as it is c (MORE)

What is mean by multi-brand retail?

in muti brand a single retailer come up with the number of new brands in the market to capture the market,such as tesco have their own brands of evrything if it come to india (MORE)
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What is the meaning of multi enthic society?

One's ethnicity is one's distinctive racial, national, religious, linguistic, or cultural heritage. Therefore a multi ethnic society is one where there is a mix of people if (MORE)