What does it mean when people say your elevens are up?

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It is a reference to Mel Brook's movie "life stinks" I do not remember exactly, but I remember it from there.
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Why do people say whats up?

Answer . Because people want to see what you did O_o.. when my sister asked this , i replied tubelight - fan :):) if i had been sleeping in the terrace then ,my reply woul

Why do people say shut up?

People say shut up so that you can be quiet but shut up is a rather rude way to say it. People say shut up because they want you to be quiet in a mean way and sometimes they

What does eleven eleven mean?

Some individuals who study numbers believe that too many events canbe linked to the time 11:11 than can be explained by chance. Othersclaim that they often look at the clock w

Why do people say I Love You and not mean it?

If people don't mean it then they can just being saying because they think it's nesicary. It's also a form of coersion, they want something from you. ation One of the re

Why do people say That's What is Up?

Because you said what's up so that is why they say that's what is up... EG... U " what's up " PEOPLE "youre hoods up that's what's up MAMA out PEACE V
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Why do people grow up to be mean?

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