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There's no one explanation for frequent episodes of deja vu. Could be a recurrence of dreams not remembered consciously. Could be an event of dreams of the future. Could be recurrences of events when we were too young to remember them consciously. Or, it could be recurrences of happenings in an earlier lifetime which are impossible to remember, except perhaps through expert hypnotism with regression.
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If you have deja vu can it mean your dreams are predicting the future?

On dreams that comes true; We often count only those dreams that comes true (few), and forget about the dreams that don't come true (many). One way to experiment is to rec

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What is deja vu?

Deja vu is when you have visited a place for the first time in your  life and suddenly you get the strangest sensation that you've been  there before, you've seen and been i

Why do you get deja vu?

Studies have shown that déjà vu is primarily visually oriented. Basically, you see something and suddenly get that déjà vu feeling. The visually triggered Déjà vu is by

What is the meaning and origin of deja vu?

  It's French, and it means the feeling of having done something before or lived through something before, that you are presently doing or living through.

Does deja vu mean your physhic?

  i think so. according to scientists we use 10% of the potential of our brain. not 10% of its total mass. we have a lot of untapped resources that when wired right or giv

What is 'deja vu'?

  Deja vu - a French expression meaning 'already seen' - the sense you sometimes have that you have been somewhere before, even though you haven't been there.

What does it mean when you have deja vu?

  It's when you get the feeling that you have been in a place or a situation before, but you know that you haven't been there in your present life.

Why do you get deja vu frequently?

We get déjà vu frequently because we see pictures of future experiences when we dream. these are usually the dreams we do not remember consciously when we wake up but is sto

What does it mean if you dream of deja vu?

deja vu is basically a feeling that you have been in a situationsame before as it is now. As you are having this kind of dream soit is kind of a deja vu in itself. Nothing spe