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What does it mean when someone has deja vu frequently?

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There's no one explanation for frequent episodes of deja vu. Could be a recurrence of dreams not remembered consciously. Could be an event of dreams of the future. Could be recurrences of events when we were too young to remember them consciously. Or, it could be recurrences of happenings in an earlier lifetime which are impossible to remember, except perhaps through expert hypnotism with regression.
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How do you spell deja vu?

The actual letters spelling the term are correct in the question. But the accent marks can be difficult to type on U. S. keyboards without resorting to special key combination

If you have deja vu can it mean your dreams are predicting the future?

On dreams that comes true; We often count only those dreams that comes true (few), and forget about the dreams that don't come true (many). One way to experiment is to rec

Why do you get deja vu?

Studies have shown that déjà vu is primarily visually oriented. Basically, you see something and suddenly get that déjà vu feeling. The visually triggered Déjà vu is by

What does it mean when you have deja vu?

  It's when you get the feeling that you have been in a place or a situation before, but you know that you haven't been there in your present life.

What happens when you get deja vu?

You feel like you've lived that part of life before, like you know what's going ot happen. I get it quite frequently and I can always remember exactly what people will say and
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Is deja vu a bad thing?

not necesarly you see life is full of choices and deja vu is coming from a dream you may have had but dont remember and so you feel like youv been their when it happens in rea

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What is deja vu?

Deja vu is when you have visited a place for the first time in your  life and suddenly you get the strangest sensation that you've been  there before, you've seen and been i