What does it mean when someone is excluded from an auto insurance policy?

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By excluding a person from an auto insurance policy, you are stating that the "excluded" person will not drive the insured vehicle, and that you understand that the "excluded" person is not covered by your insurance in the case of any traffic violation (accident, ticket, etc.). Answer It means there is no coverage available to the excluded person in the case of an accident while driving the said vehicle. There will be NO COVERAGE.
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What does loss payee mean on a auto insurance policy?

The loss payee is any entity that has financial interest in the vehicle (usually a financial institution) that notifies the insurance company and the policy holder of that int

Can you add someone who is not in your household to your auto insurance policy?

Maybe add maybe not - Read further . If you need to it can be done. Wether or not you need to depends on some of the factors listed below:\n. \nAre you wanting to add them

Your 20 year old daughter lives at home with her own auto insurance do you have to exclude her on your own policy?

Answer . No, you do not have to exclude her, but if she is rated on your policy and you are paying that higher premium and want to exclude her to reduce that you might

What does excluded driver mean on policy?

One of my family members was hit by a driver who carried insurance but was an "excluded" driver on the policy of the car she was driving. After talking to the other person's i

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Can you drop someone off your auto insurance policy even if you both are on the title?

No. The insured must be the owner of the vehicle on the title. The only time this can vary is in the case of a husband, wife, and minor children who live in the same household

Is there an auto insurance company in pa that will allow me to exclude my husband from my auto insurance policy?

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