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What does it mean when the plasma membrane is selectively permeable?

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it only allows specific things to enter.
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Why is the plasma membrane called a selectively permeable membrane?

The Plasma Membrane is a selectively permeable membrane as it only allows entry and exit of some selected molecules into and out of the Cells. It also prevents movement of s

What does it mean to say the cell membrane is selectively permeable?

A cell membrane is selectively permeable, often referred to as being semi-permeable because it only allows specific substances to enter the cell, and keeps others out. This

What is the function of a selectively permeable membrane?

selectivley permeable membranes only allow certain materials to  pass through.   It allows some molecules to enter the cell and blocks entry to  others.

Why is the plasma membrane selectively permeable?

The plasma membrane is selectively permeable because it needs to allow certain things in and certain things out. The plasma membrane is a selectively permeable membrane as i

What is meant by the cell plasma membrane being selectively permeable?

When a cell's membrane is permeable, it means that only certain proteins and other molecules can go in and out of the porous membrane, through protein pumps and other pathways

Is the plasma membrane permeable?

It is semi-permeable. Small, polar molecules (like water) can pass through, as can non- polar molecules (like steroids). However, since the inside of the double-layered plasma