What does it mean when you realize you are in a dream while dreaming?

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it means you're very smart because if you Dream while you know your in it, it's a proven fact because the brain still works when you're asleep but the rest of the body doesn't, or you get many dreams that you're so used to it you kind of feel like you're in your imagination...

The phenomenon of realizing you are in a dream while dreaming is called "lucid dreaming." It does not "mean" anything in particular, other than the conscious mind has become active during the dream without fully awakening.
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What does it mean if you can see the future in your dreams and not realize it until the event actually happens?

The question describes the experience called déjà vu. The intense feeling of having lived through a situation previously is so strong that the mind demands an explanation. One often decides it must have been seen in a dream . Yet no such dream actually occurred. Some researchers argue that d (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream about a boy that you havent seen in a while?

It may mean that you miss this person. If you have been thinking about them lately this could also have an effect. If you were close to them you may want them back inn your life. Even if you weren't then there is still that possibility that you want them back. Maybe it is a sign you should contact t (MORE)

What does being shot in the stomach while dreaming mean?

The image of being shot is a metaphor, meaning pretty much the sameas the common expression about an insult or a put-down, as in, "Shejust shot you down!" Dreams present such figures of speachliterally. Being shot in the stomach might simply mean thatsomeone's criticism hit you in a vulnerable spot, (MORE)

What does it mean if you have reoccuring dreams about your boyfriend cheating on while in the dream you have a kid together?

dreams are wish fulfillments. you want to have a kid with this guy and you love him because you see him cheating. something that would hurt you terribly. you don't dream about your friend cheating on someone else. you dream about someone you feel strongly about cheating on you. this tells you you l (MORE)

How do you realize you're in a dream?

Contrary to a lot of nonsense circulating about lucid dreaming, there is no universally dependable method of recognizing that you are dreaming. Techniques such as trying to read printed material or looking into a mirror might work for some individuals but not for others, because each individual's su (MORE)

How do you realize your dreams?

ANSWER 1 try , try & try your dream will come true one day ANSWER 2 To realize your dream WHAT TO DO - Plan your work and work out your plan. Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst. There is no substitute for planned hard work. WHAT NOT TO DO-Don't sleep off hoping to realize dreams.

What does it mean when you dream that someone is standing over you while you sleep?

You feel that there is a stalker near by or you have fancies of stalkers Answer: Any emotions that you experienced with this dream are important in its interpretation, because the "someone" by your bed could be comforting and protective, like a loving parent or guardian angel, or threatening, li (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream about dying in your dream?

Dreams about dying are quite common and need not be fearful. Dreams use symbols to represent their real meaning, and "death" often symbolizes transition or transformation. When one moves from one stage of life to the next, from childhood to adolescence, from single to attached or from active adult t (MORE)

Can you dream while dreaming?

It is certainly possible to dream about dreaming. But the ability to control dreams and intentionally (consciously) move from one dream into another then another, or to move in and out of other people's dreams as portrayed in the film Inception , is pure science fiction fantasy. See attached link f (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream of someone you haven't seen in a while?

I think it means that you either miss that person or you feel guilty about something that happened when that person was with you or something you said to them. (there are other meanings too) But dreams are very to figure out... It all depends on if the person was close to you and if they were/are, i (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream about fighting while pregnant?

The surging hormones of pregnancy can cause vivid dreams as well as disturbing normal sleep patterns. The fighting might reflect particularly strong movements of the child in the womb, or they might be symbolic of the mother's various real-life problems, whether financial, emotional or simply feelin (MORE)

What does a dream mean when you heard a song while in church?

It is not possible to provide a meaningful interpretation without more information such as the title or lyrics of the song and the general emotional tone of the dream. It might refer to anything from a wedding to a funeral, or result from either an old memory or a vivid hope.

What does it mean when you have a dream about seeing your body while in a dream?

The question is very difficult to answer without more specific information. If the emotional tone of the dream is dark and frightening, it might express the dreamer's fear of illness or some sort of physical harm. In contrast, if the emotional tone is bright and happy, it might express pride and sat (MORE)

What does it mean to dream of a praying mantis while pregnant?

There are no common or universal meanings connecting a praying mantis with pregnancy. So it may be that this interesting insect could have some special significance to you, or it might be nothing more than a random image without any significance.

What does it mean if you have a heart attack while holding a baby in a dream?

The baby in this dream probably represents something important and vulnerable as well precious to the dreamer. The heart attack suggests some event or incapacity that is beyond the dreamer's control. Together, these images illustrate the fear that something beyond the dreamer's control will impair t (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream of a tornado while taking a shower?

As a guess, this could represent vulnerability, fear, or a lack of privacy. In a shower, you are undressed, and a shower is not the best place to be when a tornado comes through. So there you are, undressed, and up against the forces of nature. So that could be vulnerability indeed. Also, this coul (MORE)

What does it mean to dream of a baby girl while pregnant?

The dream does NOT reliably predict the gender of your developingchild. It may only reflect your emotions at the moment, or expressyour own childlike wonder and delight in the pregnancy. Thereliable way to determine your unborn child's gender is to ask fora sonogram.

What does it mean when you dream your mom dead and realized she was not dead on the dream?

Dreaming of the deceased is a natural part of the grieving process. Such dreams tend to be most frequent shortly after the loss, but can recur over many years. They illustrate the subconscious mind's struggle to accept the reality and finality of death. These dreams, when calm and peaceful, can affi (MORE)

What does it mean to dream about being stabbed while pregnant?

The question is unclear as to whether the dreamer is pregnant in real life or only as part of the dream. If this is only a dream pregnancy, then it might represent some project, idea or task that the dreamer is working on, but that has caused some hostility and opposition from someone else. > If t (MORE)

What does it mean to dream of getting kicked in the stomach while pregnant?

This may be a "red flag" dream that needs your serious attention.Wife abusers frequently kick their pregnant spouses in the stomach.If this image appears in your dream, your own mind may be trying totell you that you are in an abusive situation and need to get out,NOW. If you are in a relationship w (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream of catching a white tiger while fishing?

No one expects a tiger to come up on the hook when fishing. Even when hunting for tigers, one does not expect to encounter a white tiger. So this dream suggests that you have encountered (or are about to encounter) something completely unexpected, and potentially dangerous. The beauty and exotic att (MORE)

What does it mean to dream that you are being watched while you sleep?

Depending on the emotions accompanying it, the dream could have two opposite meanings. If it is a calm and peaceful dream, it reflects your confidence that a benevolent power is watching over you and guarding you. On the other hand, if the dream is disturbing and frightening, it expresses your fear (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream about the devil while he talks about making a deal with you?

This dream suggests that you have been tempted to do something you know is wrong. The "devil" in the dream is a symbol of that temptation, or it represents the part of you that is strongly attracted to whatever it is that tempts you. By personifying the wrong behavior as The Devil, your mind is able (MORE)

What does it mean to dream your going into labor while pregnant?

This seems to be an example of a typical pregnancy dream. Yoursubconscious mind uses dreams to "practice" the experience ofchildbirth. Often these dreams will present worst-case scenarios,in which something goes wrong during labor or delivery. This is notany prediction of real problems but simply yo (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream of crashing while driving?

It means that although you know that you are in control of your life, you are afraid that something will go terribly wrong with awful consequences. The car represents yourself, the driver is the person in control (you) and the road is the direction you are traveling in time through your life. The me (MORE)