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"A good American uses the freedom they have been given to make life better for others; working for the common good is a hallmark of a good American. A good American knows that individual rights spring from the roots of justice and are nurtured by respecting one another's equality."
-Einar Swenson of Blackfoot, Idaho.

"A good American is someone who thinks more highly of others than he does himself, who shows kindness to all people, who is humbled by the freedoms he enjoys, and who stoops to pick up a piece of litter instead of passing it by."
-Diane M. Pankonin of Oregon City, Ore.

"The best citizen puts ethics before law, law before gain, nation before self."
-David A. Todd of Bella Vista, Ark.

*well then im pretty sure have the people in America aren't good citizens then*
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What it takes to be a good citizen of the country?

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How can we a good citizens?

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What happens if your a bad citizen in america?

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