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It takes a lot of patience and self motivation. A person can serve as a Doula without becoming certified, or she can get certified as a Doula which gives her more credibility.

To become certified, the doula is required to read about 5 books and to take an approved Doula training course which is usually 3 days long, 8-9 hours a day. The doula is required to take a breastfeeding support class, attend three live births (only one of which can be a C-section); in addition, there are requirements such as the doula's support must begin at or before four centimeters dilation, the doula must get evaluations from at least three clients, and the client's midwife, or the client's doctor and nurse (so three from each birth for which the client employs an obstetrician, two for each birth for which the client uses a midwife). Writing several essays is required as well.

Everything must be documented on forms from the certifying organization, and the doula must be a member of that certifying organization. The most widely accepted organization is DONA. (Doulas of North America) International. It would be wise to check out their website for more information on, and complete requirements for, becoming a doula.

Once the doula has completed all requirements, and depending on the certifying organization, she will have credentials that she may use after her name. For example, a doula certified through DONA International uses the abbreviation CD(DONA) after her name. The doula may also become listed on the certifying organization's website so potential clients can find her.

Other than the classes, reading, and paperwork, it takes a lot of time, dedication & patience. You have to be a nurturing person who doesn't mind getting down in the muck of things and be willing to put out a lot of physical labor for a long period of time. Unlike a nurse, a doula does not get to leave at the end of a shift. You are there for the duration, as well as a few hours afterwards...the first birth that I attended I was present, awake, and alert with the mother and her partner for 27 hours straight with no food breaks and only 3 bathroom breaks.....so this is not something for the light-hearted nor is it for someone who easily gets bored.
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The answer is anyone who has an interest in childbirth and fits the set criteria. I suggest you look at the Doula UK website they have lots of info.and will be able to answer
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