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keep it together means stay put, don't lose it, hum, don't get sad or be negative, stay focused, be you, be positive. hope I helped :)
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Can you keep goats and chickens together?

  Yes you can keep goats and chickens together, be aware though that the chickens will compete with the goats for the goat chow, the goats may get angry .

What keeps an atom together?

  A good question.   Answer: Binding or the atomic strong force--the strongest of the four fundamental forces. It acts on quarks and leptons that make up Protons and Ne

What keeps magdeburgs hemispheres together?

The Magdeburg hemispheres, around 50 cm (20 inches) in diameter, were designed to demonstrate the vacuum pump that von Guericke had invented. One of them had a tube connection

Can you keep to brother rabbits together?

You can keep brother rabbits together, but if you notice that one of them is missing fur, or if they seem to be fighting than you should immediatly separate them. Sometimes yo

Can you keep a chicken and a turkey together?

  yes if you have everything both of them need and you chose compatible mix   don't get both males they'll kill each other very quickly but if you get a male and female

What does it mean if you and your boyfriend keep breaking up and getting back together?

When two people keep breaking up and getting back together again it is generally because they are either not suited for each other; lack of communication or immaturity. It wou

Can you keep male rabbits together?

Yes,you can if they're born together or very young. After a couple months it's not a good idea as they'll fight for dominance. Once a bunny is older, male/female pairings ar

Can you keep damsels and angelfish together?

yes you can hre is a list okay for adding to the tank: Dwarf Angelfish, Large Angelfish, Anthias, Basslets, Blennies, Boxfish, Clownfish, Goatfish, Gobies, Hawkfish, Hogfish,