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kona means a star
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What is kona?

Kona describes a district on the Big Island, Hawaii. The main town is Kailua-Kona.

What is the meaning for English?

It can mean many things, such as a nationality (England), a language, and even beer. Also, on the pool table it means a type of shooting technique to give an unusual spin and

What does English mean?

English refers to either: * The language spoken in England, or the primary language (in various dialects and variations derived from that) of the US, Australia, Canada, New

What does 'no' mean in English?

The same thing it means in Spanish--'no' (i.e, it means "Not in any degree or manner; not at all.") A negative response or statement.

I have bought a kona stinky deluxe and it has an awkwardly placed shock on the back which means it is hard to find a front derailleur that fits any ideas?

Try keeping a singlespeed chainring up front. It will lessen your available gears but you won't need a derailleur. You'll also probably find it helps reduce noise and may impr

What does Be do mean in English?

I think Be do is part of a Frank Sinatra song when he sang "Strangers in the night". There is a part where he finishes some verse and instead of humming he sings the words "do

What does hawaiian word kona mean?

Kona actually has a lot of meanings. Kona is the picturesque town on the Big Island of Hawaii, it can mean the leeward sides (the side normally facing away from the incoming w