What does l'mean in french?

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the '' l' '' means the but '' le '' and '' la '' do aswell

What is you can in French?

" you can" is " vous pouvez" in the polite or plural form or " tu peux " if it's one person that you know well

You are in French?

Informal ( as if talking to one of your friends) - tu es Formal (as if talking to a stranger or authority figure) - vous sont

What is French for you will?

"You will" what ? Whatever verb (action) you "will" do must be conjugated in the future tense accordingly... For example: You will speak = Tu parler as / Vous parler ez

What is 'For you I will' in French?

" Je le ferai pour toi " or " Pour toi je le ferai " may be French equivalents of "For you I will (do it)." The subject pronoun " je " means "I." The direct object pronoun "