What does lead us not into temptation mean in the lords prayer?

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It means that the Lord will lead us in a straight path. We will not drift of to a road of temptation and peer pressure.
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What is the lords prayer?

The actual model prayer (Lord's prayer) was given by Jesus at (Matthew 6:9-13) There are two slightly different versions, here is the one used by most English churches (unl

Why do we have the Lords prayer?

The Lords Prayer as it is known as is not actually a prayer. It was said by Christ as a lesson on how to pray. Man has taken it upon himself to use it as an actual prayer. In

In the lords prayer what does hallowed mean?

hallowed be thy name, you mean?. Hallowed means holy, or to make holy, so it means, holy be thy name. Basically, it's saying that God's name is to be holy or is holy. Also, i

Meaning of power from the lords prayer?

This is Jesus' way of instructing people how to pray. Prayer doesnot have to be long and drawn out, but short and simple. Since Godis supposed to be omnipotent and omnipresent

What is the real meaning of the lords prayer?

The prayer offered by the Lord was to be a guide only on how to pray. You will notice that the Lord address His father in Heaven and gives praize to Him. He says we are to tha

What verse in the bible says that he will not lead us into temptation?

In the King James version the phrase - into temptation - appears 7 times. The first two are from The Lord's Prayer, which does NOT say that "he will not lead us into tem

What does dejes in the Lords prayer mean in Spanish?

'...y no nos dejes caer en la tentación, sino líbranos del Maligno.' (Mateo 6:13 La Biblia Latinoamericana ®) "Dejes," whether in the Lord's Prayer or not, is the

How does temptation lead to greed?

Temptation doesn't lead to greed. Greed is second-nature to theflesh... like lust, envy, jealousy. These things naturally ruleover the flesh with the desire to sate any and al

What does the word 'temptations' mean when used in the Bible?

Basically the same as it does in other books - a desire to do something for a short term pleasure which will probably be regretted afterwards. However, there is an additional