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long gone means not used anymore
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What is the prologue for a long way gone?

It started off like this:    My Highschool friends have begun to suspect I haven't told them  the full story of my life.   "Why did you leave Sierra Leone?"  

How long was gone with the wind movie?

According to the IMDb website, the copyright length of "Gone With the Wind" is 226 minutes. The USA restored DVD version is 238 minutes. (The difference in time may be attribu

How long was Marco polo gone?

Marco Polo was 17 years old when he went and when he returned he was 41 years old when he got back so that means he was gone for 24 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who was mohammed in a long way gone?

He was Ishmael's best friend from his hometown. They are separated  during the attacks and later reunited at the rehabilitation center.  He eventually goes on to live with I