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long gone means not used anymore
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What does a Cabinet member gone native mean?

A cabinet member going native refers to when a cabinet member  places all his priorities above the president. If a cabinet members  focus is on gun safety, he will try and f

How long was chihiro gone for in spirited away?

According to the moon phases shown in the movie, Chihiro had to be in the spirit world for about two weeks. However if you compare the area in front of the tunnel Chihiro's fa

How long were men gone during the Crusades?

men would be gone for about 2 years at a time. the women would stay home with the dogs and feed the kids to them. Back then dogs were a huge part of the Christain way. God saw

How long were Lewis and Clark gone on their trip?

Before Lewis met up with Clark, he began the expedition on August 30, 1803 in Pittsburgh PA. Lt. William Clark would offer to join Lewis on the expedition weeks later on Octob

What does gone to the stud mean?

Well, stud is another word for stallion usually, when he is put up for "stud" it means he is offering coverings, or is availble for breeding purposes. When you say "gone to st