What does love of a lifetime mean?

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Your love of life time means someone you love your whole life time. Someone that you will love forever.
A love is a feeling of our heart and the meaaning of the love for lifetime is that ti whom you like and live with him or her for whole life and love him or her like first time. Answer It means a love like no other. Sometimes we meet people and can love them on various levels, like love as a friend, love someone as a person, love someone romantically. Then there is the love of a lifetime - that's when you meet someone that is your true love, the person who you know you are meant to be with, the love that is so different from anything you have known before, a love that cannot be replaced by anyone else ever. You will love this person always. When you meet your love of a lifetime, you cannot just love someone instead if you cannot be with that person. This kind of love is irreplaceable. Many people do not meet their love of a lifetime. It is a very special, unique kind of love.
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