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What is makka?

makka means body= place where kabila (small group of people)    Makka in Islam is often a transliteration directly from the Arabic  for the city of Mecca, which is the

Who is the imam of makka?

  Imams at Haram Sharif are:   * Sheikh Muhammed Al-Subayyil (Arabic:محمد السبيل)  * Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais (Arabic:عبد الرحمن السدي

What is pakka wood?

Pakkawood is an outstanding material of exceptional quality and long-lasting beauty. Utilizing advanced processes, carefully selected foreign and domestic hardwood veneers ar

What is pakka house?

Pakka house is house which is built of cement, iron and bricks and the type of pakka house are bunglow, multistories and flat.

A paragraph on pakka house?

Pakka in Hindu means exact and sure. There is pucca or pukka  housing which can be built with timber, concrete, cement, brick, or  stone.

What is the makka pakka song lyrics?

Makka Pakka, Akka Wakka, Mikka Makka moo! Makka Pakka, Appa yakka, Ikka akka, ooo Hum dum, Agga pang, Ing, ang, ooo Makka Pakka, Akka wakka, Mikka Makka moo

Which is the country of Makka?

If you mean the Islamic holy city, it's usually spelled Mecca in English. It's in Saudi Arabia, which is in telephone country code +966. Mecca, or Makka or Makkah, is in Saudi