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What does manu mean in manu Samoa?

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Manu is Animal in English. In the name Manu Samoa, I can only surmise that Manu is used to describe the Team as Warriors with strength, power and fearlessness in them. Manu Samoa are at times referred to as Samoan Warriors (Toa Samoa).
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How tall is manu feildel?

193 cm

Who is manu?

Manu is a bird in maori!

Where is the manus region?

  manus   1. The distal part of the arm, including the carpus, metacarpus, and digits. 2. The hand.

What does ECT MANU button in Toyota?

makes you explode and you go in "turbo mode" aka ejector seat
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Who is manu feildel?

He is a French chef

Where does manu feildel live?

Manu Feildel is a famous French chef who owns a restaurant called  L'Etoile. He is currently living in Paris, France.