What does mayo mean in Chinese?

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In simplified Chinese (Mandarin), 'mayo' means 'there is none', or 'there is nothing'.
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What does 'Chinese people' mean in Chinese?

Mandarin: 'Zhong Guo Ren' or '中国人' directly translated means'Middle Country Person'. ' Zhong Guo' put together means China. Alternatively some instances in mass media or in popular culturereferences of 華人 (Hua Ren) or 唐人 (Tang Ren) have been used.

What does it mean to be Chinese?

Being Chinese refers to being a citizen of the country calledChina. Citizenship can be by a number of ways include birth andnaturalization.

What does the Chinese word 'sang' mean?

'Sang' in Chinese can mean many things depending on the context in which it used and the tone in which it is said. ï¼´he most common answer would be 'hurt'.

What does the Chinese word 'xiong' mean?

Depending on the tone and context in which it is said, 'xiong' can mean many different things. Some of the more common include: 'bear' as in the animal, 'chest' as in part of your anatomy, or 'mean' as in not nice.

What does Cietleen means in Chinese astrology?

I think you meant Qilin,or 麒麟 in Chinese. It is an holy animal that exist only in myths. You can read Wiki's article for more information. Qilin,however,has little to do with Chinese astrology.Though some says it represents Dragon in Chinese astrology.But one must note that they are (MORE)

What does the Chinese word 'qiang' mean?

Depending on the context in which it is used and the tone it is pronounced in, it could mean different things. Some definitions could be 'wall', 'general', 'strong', 'steal', or 'sauce'.

What is the meaning of paper Chinese stars?

The paper stars are in a jar are just to look pretty tho certain numbers can have specific meanings like 100 or 1000 stars are supposed to grant a wish. 1 pc: The only one 2 pcs: Happy Couple 9 pcs: Love for a long time 55 pcs: Love you with no regrets 99 pcs: May the friendship/love last (MORE)

What does me mean in Chinese?


What does mayo mean?

Well, in Spanish, mayo means may, as in the month, but if that's not what you're talking about then I don't really know...

What does Chinese New Year mean to the Chinese?

The Chinese New Year is the most important day in the whole yeay. It is the time for reunion.. We will have a 7 days holiday and the students will have a month "winter holiday".. Nearly everyone will go home before the Festival and have dumplings that day. Except all of these,we will touch off the (MORE)

What does Chinese mean?

The word Chinese is the English form, so it just describes the Chinese language. In Chinese, China is zhong(1) guo(2) which means middle country. Chinese is zhong(1) wen(2) which technically means middle language, but can be inferred to be language of the middle country

What does shou mean in Chinese?

The word shou can have many different meanings depending on the tone and context. The character you are most likely referring to means "hand." It could, however, also mean to sell, to instruct, and to receive, among other things.

What does Olivia mean in chinese?

奥利维亚 Ào lì wéi yǎ But this dosn't have any meaning it is just the name translated into Chinese based on how it sounds in English.

What does Funi mean in Chinese?

芙妮 This is the word Funi in Chinese writing. However i was inable to find the meaning of Funi in Chinese sorry.

What does tmme mean in Chinese?

While there may be a word out there to which you are referring, there is no existing Pinyin equivalent for "Tmme," which is as good as saying the word doesn't exist in Chinese. Your best bet is to refer back to whatever source you heard that from and or consult a Chinese speaker.

What does josh mean in Chinese?

善意的玩笑 [shàn yì de wán xiào] - good-natured banter 约什 [yuē shí] - short form of Joshua (约书亚)

What does 13 mean in Chinese?

Chinese speakers use the same number system as Westerners, especially when writing larger numbers like 2011. Even in the middle of a sentence of Chinese characters, they will usually write an Arabic numeral rather than the Chinese characters for it. However, if you wrote "thirteen" in Chinese, it wo (MORE)

What does lucky mean in Chinese?

lucky If you are asking for the Chinese equivalent of the word 'lucky', it is 幸运 xing(4) yun(4) --> lucky / fortunate

What does dage mean in Chinese?

dage, or better 'Dàgē' means 'big brother'/'older brother'. It is either used within a family setting, or to show respect to a person, depending on the situation.

What does 'deng' mean in Chinese?

There are many characters in Chinese that mean 'deng', but the most common ones would be: 等 Děng "to wait" 燈 Dēng "light (like a lamp)" 登 Dēng "ascend" All that matters is the tone marks. One change of a tone mark can you give you a totally different character and meaning. (MORE)

What the Chinese symbol for 1966 mean?

一千九百六十六 [yī qiān jiǔ bǎi liù shí liù] ---> as a number 一九六六年 [yī jiǔ liù liù nián] ---> as a year

What does good night mean in Chinese?

The question you have asked is incorrect, as good night are the English words, and you wanted to find out the Chinese version of good night. The correct question to have asked would be: How do you say 'good night' in Chinese?

What does the Chinese word ta mean?

Depends...a lot I'm guessing your referring to one of these below: 他: him 她: her 它: it (refers to animals) btw there are about 20 different characters that are phonetically spelled "ta", but I could narrow it down if I had a ta1 ta2 ta3 or ta4 (all of the above are ta1)

What does xani mean in Chinese?

xani in Chinese mandarin does not exist. however, three similar words exist: 1- 嫌疑 pronounced , second (rising) tone and second (rising) tone, which means 2- 现役 pronounced , fourth (falling) tone and fourth (falling) tone, which means 3- 闲逸 pronounced , (MORE)

What does the sheep mean in the chinese zodiac?

If you were born in the Chinese year of the Sheep, you are blessed with one of the luckiest Chinese birth signs. In China, Sheep are a symbol of love and happiness . So this Chinese zodiac sign is believed to be very fortunate indeed. People with this sign are easygoing and submissive. Yet th (MORE)

What does the Chinese wok mean?

Wok (鑊), or rather the 炒锅 (Chǎo guō) in formal terms, is a versatile round-bottomed cooking vessel originating in China. It is used especially in Eastand Southeast Asia. Most often used for stir frying, woks can also be used in other Chinese cooking techniques, such as in stea (MORE)

What does rooster mean in Chinese?

It means rooster... What don't you understand? On the other hand if you're looking for the Chinese word it's: 公鸡/Gōngjī.

What is meaning of zhe in Chinese?

"Zhe" Is a Ping Ying, which means it can substitute many Chinese Characters. For example: 著 - 者 - 這 - 折 - 遮 - 轍 - 褶 - 謫... Try specifying it, or give me the full sentence.

What Chinese name means harmony?

Chinese names are just a mixture of 3 words, or 2 and 4, with each word describing different characteristics the parent wants for the child. Harmony and Peace is Wor Ping or He Ping, (和平) so any name with either 和 or 平 can mean peace.

What does Gao mean in Chinese?

there are four meanings 1. 高 [gāo] -》1. tall 2. high 3. senior 4. high-pitched 5. old 2. 告 [gào] -》1. tell 2. sue 3. request 4. announce 5. declare 3. 搞 [gǎo] -》1. do 2. get 4. 糕(餻)[gāo] -》1. cake;pudding th (MORE)

What does the Chinese word maylee mean?

A rough translation would give "Maylee" the meaning of "beautiful". 美丽 [ Měi lì ] (which is pronounced the same as May lee) However, keep in mind that Maylee is an English name. A modern variant of May.

What does Xian mean in Chinese?

"first", "salty", or "line" would be the most obvious choices but you can't really tell because we don't know the sound. and there's a lot of different meanings to the same sound.

Cinco de Mayo will eventually be regarded as important and celebrated with such worldwide participation as Oktoberfest or the Chinese New Year?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Tell us another! Cinco de Mayo is the anniversary of a relatively unimportant battle between Mexico and France (its only real importance is that no one expected the Mexican Army to win, and the fact that they did so delayed France's ultimate victory). It's not a big d (MORE)