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It is composed of two words namely 'meer' which means lake or dam and 'kat' which means cat. The word "meerkat" is the same in English as it is in Afrikaans - it's pronounced meeer-kat in both languages.

The Dutch misidentified the suricate, a member of the mongoose family as a member of the Cercopithecus genus. Meerkat means "lake cat", but the animal lives primarily in arid semi-desert areas.
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What does the Afrikaans word meerkat mean?

The word "meerkat" is the same in English as it is in Afrikaans - it's pronounced meeer-kat in both languages. The literal translation is "lake cate", but is the name of the s

What does meeerkat mean in afrikaan?

The Afrikaans word 'meerkat' is a compound of the words 'meer' (which means 'lake') and 'kat' (which means 'cat').

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What does Meerkat mean?

The word Meerkat is dutch for Lake Cat, However they are not related to cats and have nothing to do with lakes. It is a misidentified word that probably started when someone c

What is the the meaning of Meerkat?

Meerkat - In the Afrikaans language (derived from African dialects and Dutch population in South Africa) from the Dutch word meercatte, meaning "sea cat" or "lake cat"   
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What does meerkat meen in Afrikaans?

A meerkat refers to a small animal living in Africa. However, if you take the word 'meerkat', it consists of 2 Afrikaans words, namely 'meer', which refers to lake and 'kat',