What does mhz mean in computer term?

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the mhz means mega hertz it is a unit to measure the frequency or bandwidth
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What is a P90 MHZ computer?

Little of history first. Was the first Pentium CPU made by INTEL, the successor to 486 CPU. Instead INTEL name the next generation proccesors with a number ,(every time INTEL

Computer terms GB MB MHz KB bytes smallest to the largest?

the term GB what does it mean the term MB what does it mean the term MHz what does it mean the term KB what does it mean the term bytes what does it mean ? i see the terms on

What does mhz mean in computer terms?

Hz is the standard SI abbreviation for Hertz, which is a measure of how many times something repeats each second So if you pedal a bike slowly the wheel would turn once a s

What does 863 Mhz mean in computer?

863 Mhz is a type of prossesing speed witch if that's for a processer and that's its maxed then today for anycomputer is extreamly slow now standard proccessors run around 2.0

What are the disadvantages of 233 MHz computers?

The main problem is that such computers are way too slow for today's operating systems and applications. Today, the problem isn't so much the clock rate, but the fact that the

What does ftw mean in computer terms?

FTW is an acronym that stands for "For the Win." It used to mean, "F*ck the world," but that meaning is becoming less and less popular.