What does muy bueno mean?

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It means cheyenne barker es very good. haha just kidding it mean "very good"
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What does muy caliente mean?

'Muy caliente' means very hot in reference to an object. You would not say 'muy caliente' about the weather. In order to saythat it is hot out, as in high temperatures, you would say 'Hacecalor.' You would also not say 'muy caliente' about a person who isattractive - in that case, it has another (i (MORE)

What does Bueno Dias mean?

buenos dias means "Good Morning" (before noon), use Buenas Tardes after noon, and buenas noches instead of good evening, to say "hello" you can also use Hola, Buen Dia (good day) or just "Buenas" (at all times)...

Muy bonita what it mean?

Very pretty/beautiful. This is describing a girl because it ends in "a" bonitA. instead of "bonitO".

What does bueno tengo clase mean?

The English translation for this Spanish phrase is ' Well, I haveclass.' or understood to also mean 'Well. I have to go to class.'Although the Spanish word 'Bueno' can be translated as good, thegiven phrase uses it as an adverb.

What does buenos dias mean?

"Good day" in Spanish. Actually it is the plural, literally "good days". You also might hear "buen día", the singular form. Both would be translated the same way.

What does es bueno mean?

The Spanish phrase es bueno means it is good. It can also refer toa person, meaning he is good.

What does Buenos dias mean in English?

use it exactly as "Good Morning" (before noon), use Buenas Tardes after noon, and buenas noches instead of good evening, to say "hello" you can also use Hola, Buen Dia (good day) or just "Buenas" (at all times)... use it exactly as "Good Morning" (before noon), use Buenas Tardes after noon, and b (MORE)

What does 'mucho bueno' mean?

Very Good!. Mucho or muchos (a lot, plenty, many, very, etc).. Bien (good, well, fine, okay, etc).. ?Como estas? (How are you?). Bien or Mucho bien. (Good or very good.)

What does buenos dios mean?

"No such thing as "buenos dios". However, there are two posibilities here. First: "buenos dias" which means "good day" and it is used in a way of a salute such as "good morning" or " have a good day". Second possibility would be: "bueno, dios" which is used as "oh well god"." Direct Translation it (MORE)

What does muy hermoso mean?

Muy hermoso is used several ways. Es usted muy hermoso - You are very kind. Te ves muy hermoso con el traje - you look very handsom wearing a suit. Que hermoso es el nino pequeno - (watch out for this one) - the child is very cute. Look up the word in a spanish - English dictionary for samples of al (MORE)

What does mui mean?

Definitions of MUI on the Web:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Multilingual User Interface ( MUI ) is the name of a Microsoft technology for Microsoft Windows , Microsoft Office and other applications that allows for the installation of multiple interface languages on a single s (MORE)

Can bueno also mean hello?

No. bueno is the male adjective defining a person or thing that is good. You can also say hello by using the expression ¡Buenas!

What does bueno para mean?

"Bueno para" means "Good for". It is pronounced "BWAY-no PAH-rah". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

What does es no bueno mean?

The Spanish saying "es no bueno" means "it's no good." "Es" is for"it," "no" means the same thing in both languages, and "bueno"means good.

El tiempo es no muy bueno?

El tiempo has two meanings: the time or the weather depending on context. This sentence could mean: The time is not very good. Or The weather is not very good. Depending on which version makes sense in the rest of the text.

What does la muy muy mean in spanish?

It means something like "hot stuff" or "big shot." For example, "Te crees la muy muy" means, "You think you're hot stuff," implying the person is full of herself.

What does Estoy no bueno mean in English?

"Estoy no bueno" is improper structure. Probably should be "No estoy bueno" It means "I am not well" ("I am sick") No soy bueno = I am not good. (I am not a good person)

What does yo soy bueno mean?

Literally, this means "I am good", but you would not use the verb "ser" for this. Properly, this should be "Estoy bueno".

What does esta muy rica mean?

Depends on the context. Food: "It is very tasty/good" - "It's very rich (in flavor)" about a pool water or other such thing with a feminine word "It is so lovely/good" About money: She is very rich - the proper way to say this particular would be "Es muy rica", but it could be a misuse or a (MORE)

What does esta muy mal mean in English?

"Está muy mal" could mean several things depending on context. One might be "is very poorly". Another would be "it is very bad". Still another would be "He/she is not very well", or "You are very bad". To be more precise, you would need to put the phrase into a complete sentence.

What does tu es muy bonito mean?

Wrong usage of "are" Tu es muy bonito = your is very pretty. Tú eres muy bonito = You're (you are) very pretty. This statement is being made about a boy. If the intention is to speak to a girl then the word "bonita" should be used.

What does Que bueno prima mean?

This sentence is grammatically incorrect, but it means: "What a good bonus/cousin!" (It should be que buena prima for a female cousin and que bueno primo for a male cousin).

What does the word 'bueno' mean in English?

Beuno means no in English so if someone says to you no Beuno that means no good meaning your up to no good or what you did was bad. Beuno doesn't seem like an English word but is is one which is no Beuno