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What does natural faceted gemstone mean?

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faceted means natural
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What is the meaning of multi-faceted?

  This is a neat word. It refers to a diamond have many cuts (sides) in it. So, when a person has lots of things going on in his life we can say he is multi-faceted. He mi

What does a unheated gemstone mean?

Gems are heat treated to enhance their colour. Some clear gems like topaz turn blue when heated. While others like citrine become more transparent. If a stone is unheated it i

What does degenerative facet changes on the left C3-4 mean?

What this means (likely from a Radiology report) is that the Cervical facet (the "tabs" of the vertebrae) at the C3/4 vertebrae/disk is degenerating, and at some point could c

What does faceted mean?

  Answer 1   Until an expert can improve this answer, I submit the following layman's opinion.   Regarding gemstones, it means having many non-paralell surfaces cu

What is severe bilateral facet arthropathy in the lumbar 4-5 mean?

Picture a tripod, with the body of the vertebra as one leg, and the facet joints as the other two legs. Looking down on the spine from above with the stomach in the front... T

What does natural mean?

Natural means ;ordinary daily things.For example,like my hair is natural, my legs are natural my ears are natural.

What is a gemstone?

A gemstone can be a precious or semiprecious stone, a mineral crystal, or a mineraloid (such as amber) which can be used to fashion an object of adornment or beauty.

How are natural gemstones treated to reveal color or elimate flaws?

The most commonly used method of enhancing gemstone color is heating - examples are Tanzanite which comes out of the ground brown is heated and changes to blue. Same with sapp
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What are some natural gemstones?

Natural gemstones start life as a rock or mineral which is then cut and polished to discover the beautiful coloured 'gem' inside. These natural gemstones are then usually made