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It means resources that are naturally made, not man-made. If you live in the woods you would use sticks, leaves, whatever you can find to make your house.
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What does it mean to refine a natural resource?

To transform it from its raw, useless form into a useful one. Some examples are provided: . Bauxite mineral is refined into aluminium. . Oil is refined into gasoline, kero

What does it mean to conserve natural resources?

Conserve means to prevent lost of something. Natural resources are raw materials such as coals, oil, fossil fuels, rock and mineral resources,etc. So they want you to prev

What does it mean if coal is a nonrenewable natural resource?

It comes naturally from the earth but does not renew itself very quickly like say water or trees do.   It means that we only have a limited amount on Earth. Once the coal i

What dose natural resources mean?

Natural resources are resources found in nature. Some are as listed below: Solar energy Wind Water Fossil fuels Gas Air Fire Plants

What does extract natural resources means?

Extraction of natural resources can involve mining as in the mining of mineral resoucres or oil sand material as is the case with the Alberta Oilsand mining operations in Fort
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What does norenewable natural resource mean?

Means it can not be recycled, lie a tree can be planted again and again so it is renewable, Water is an ongoing cycle so it is renewable. Nonrenewable resources are those whi