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What does natural source of light mean?

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a source that gives out light and is natural such as the sun..
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What are two natural sources of light?

Sun,Lightbulb,and Fire because they all produce light.Here is why: A#1:The Sun produces light to everything. It is the main light source to. A#2: The light-bulb produces light

Sources of natural light?

Natural light on Earth comes from the sun, and a little from the moon when it is full, but that of course is sunlight reflected from the moon back to Earth. The moon itself do

Is a torchlight a natural source of light?

Torch light is NOT a natural source of light. It is an Artificial Source of light generated by the electrical energy. In this the electrical energy is being transformed into L

Is firefly a natural source of light?

Yes - the luminescence is produced by a chemical reaction within the insects body.