What does no video input mean?

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It usually means that, there is no connection with the video plugs, and must be fixed, check cables, turn on, etc.
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What is the importance or significance of knowing the video input bandwidth?

Answer Bandwidth is defined as the frequency range that the circuit, component, cable, or complete system can pass where the frequencies reproduced , transmitted, or amplified worst come out at least half as strong as those coming out best. For screen resolution on HDTV monitors and smooth and unin (MORE)

Can you get mesa from spectrobes the video game on card input?

no you can't you first have to get danawa on ness area 3 then use danawa to get messa. if you are talking about money mesa you get ruby Sapphire or emerald then sell them on nessa area 1 Answer no you can't you first have to get danawa on ness area 3 then use danawa to get messa. if you are talki (MORE)

What is the meaning of input process output?

Answer Input Process Output is what you put in, what you use both input and output for, and also what you get out. For example you might put in your monthly expenditure and income (input) , then you can work out your average (process) and then finally create a graph (output). Hope this helps!! lol (MORE)

What is video input of betacam uvw 1800?

The Betacam UVW 1800 is a broadcast standard video editing deck. There are several inputs:. Composite on a BNC, S-Video on a 4 pin mini-din, component on a Sony 12 pin connector and component on 3 BNCs. Outputs are similar. This deck pre-dates the DigiBeta equipment and therefore there is no SDI in (MORE)

What does input mean?

Input is something that can be sent to the computer. An example for an input device would be a keyboard, you type things on the keyboard and that data is input into the computer.

Video card input or output device?

A video card is part of the output chain but is not an output device on it's own. The monitor is usually the device that is considered an "output device".

What is a video input device?

It is a device or component that reads a video recording, like a DVD/VHS player, and sends the information to a display device like a TV. A video input device can also be a camera that records video and sends the information to a storage device and can also display the captured images on a TV.

What does input and output mean?

Input is what goes into something and output is what you get out. In terms of computing, data going in is input and data that comes out is output. When you type something on your keyboard, you are sending input to your computer. It responds by displaying what you type on your monitor. That is output (MORE)

What does input variable mean?

In computer science, an input variable is the input from the user. To read an input, there must be a scanner. The scanner will state what type of value, or variable , that the user must put in to proceed. Such variables include int, double, String, etc. The program can then use the value to perfo (MORE)

What is video input?

Video input is the motion pictures that are entered into the computer. For video input, video camera or any other video device is connected to a video capture card. the video captured card converts the analog video signals into digital signals that a computer can store and process.

What do you mean by input and output device?

An input device is a piece of hardware that you put data into the computer, such as a mouse or keyboard. An output device is something that the computer controls to output data, such as the screen or speakers.

What is the other meaning of input device?

Input devices are anything that feeds input from the world to your computer. A very primitive computer could have only a cpu, processing unit and some memory, It could get no input from any device. Usually when referring to PC input devices - one can consider - Keyboard, mouse, web-cams, to (MORE)

What does Input Process Output mean?

An Input is simply means a entrance or change made into a system and can eb used as modellign leading on to the process. . The process is a type of engineering that is used to complete a project as a WHOLE! . whereas an output is an exit froma system after conclusion and the finish completing the (MORE)

What are other word that mean input?

\n. \n. \nIn computering, Input just means put in basically. So you would need to type something into the computer to input it.\n. \nIt could also mean a device which you plug into your computer, such as a mouse or keyboard, usb devices, a video card or sound card.

What is a video input?

A video input is a port that receives a video signal from a device.You can use the port to receive a signal from a cable box, DVDPlayer, or a streaming device.

How do you input video game cheats?

It depends on video game. Spore, Sims 3 you only hold ctrl alt and shift for example. Other games you only say something in the chat log.

What do you mean by process inputs and outputs?

Inputs are anything that you pit into a system. For a computer the input can be from the user via a keyboard or gaming controller, you can also get input from usb sticks or cd's essentially anything that goes into your computer or system. The process is what the system does with these inputs. Agai (MORE)

What do you mean by isolated input output?

Isolated I/O uses a special class of CPU instructions specifically for performing I/O. This is generally found on Intel microprocessors, specifically the IN and OUT instructions which can read and write one to four bytes (outb, outw, outl) to an I/O device. I/O devices have a separate address space (MORE)

What does input and output energy means?

We kick the pedals of the bi-cycle. The energy given by us on the system is called input energy. Now the cycle moves through a distance. This is the out put energy that we get from the system. The ratio of the out put energy to that of input is defined as the efficiency of the system.

What are composite video inputs on HDTV?

Composite Video connections are unable to transmit a HD signal. They are on HDTV's for the purpose of connecting older sources, think VCR, that do not have the newer connections like HDMI or component cables.

Why must a sound and video input be converted to anolog to digital?

The main answer is to reserve higher frequencies for governmental purposes. Also, science requires these frequencies for safety purposes in the air during normal traffic and space travel. Beside that is the need to integrate television signals with computerized networks. Computers are designed on (MORE)

Meaning and examples of input device?

An input device is a device that is connected to a computer in order to input data. An example would be a keyboard, mouse, joystick, scanner, etc.

What is HD Component Video Inputs?

HD television signals are always in a component format. There are three signals that between them carry brightness and color information. Almost all domestic equipment uses an HDMI interface to carry the signal in a digital format now but there is also an analog HD component standard. The analog com (MORE)

What does AV input output mean?

A-Audio V-Visual Input is like it sounds, it is data coming in, it may be into acomputer (from a camera) or into a projector. Output is the opposite, it is data being sent out, it may be from acomputer to a projector or from a camera into the computer. An example of the chain described about woul (MORE)

How do you change video input on hp pavilion m7100y?

1. Open up your computer 2. Find your video card. 3. Pour water on it and then put rice on it, stupid but it works. (the way it works is your video card is hot so you can't change the input, so water will work I tried it myself) 4. Put it back in. 5. Go to display 6. Type in new video input.

What is video and audio input?

Video is picture and audio is the sound. Home theater receivers have RCA composite or component, S-Video or HDMI for the video input, and RCA analog, Toslink (optical) or coaxial inputs for digital audio.

What is an auxiliary video input jack?

For cars with a video screen for DVDs etc there may be an input jack to add an alternative video signal to the screen. Likely this will be RCA ports (yellow and two audio ports coloured white=left and red=right).

What is means by biometric input?

Biometric input is a fed in by a device designed to measure certain physical qualities, such as facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, handprint recognition, or any other type of system that can reasonably identify one person from the rest of the people living in the world, and often replaces (MORE)

What do you mean by pointing input device?

There are two types of pointing input device one is called mouse another one is light pen. 1:- Mouse mouse is a primary text input device but lack the ability to easily transmit textual information. It is also called pointing device that is used to move a pointer on the computer screen in order to (MORE)

What does input and output mean in ict?

Output: Output isthe term denoting either an exit or changes which exit a system andwhich activate/modify a process. It is an abstract concept, used inthe modeling, system(s) design and system(s) exploitation. Input: Input is theterm denoting either an entrance or changes which are inserted into (MORE)

What does audio input mean?

You know those Red,Yellow, and White plug in's? Audio Input is the yellow and white it help the sound if those arent plugged in there can be no sound. The red yellow and white are for gamesystems and other things like that.

What does manual input device mean?

where you have to enter the data manually, an example for a manual input device would be a keyboard, to get the system to do what you want it to do you have to type it in on the keyboard or use the mouse.

What is the most commonly used video input?

There are several video inputs available like composite, S-video, component RGB, Firewire, HDMI and SCART. The most commonly used video input in a home environment is probably the SCART input.

How to input computer xp audio-video through magicjack?

[It depends on the hardware.] This answer was not even hovering close to a solution. In the mean time, I discovered the solution, which was very simple. Whether it be PC, or laptop, or Win, or Mac, the principle is the same. MagicJack is connected, as directed, to the phone line, then it is plug (MORE)

What does no audio input in a computer mean?

"No audio input" on a computer means whatever medium is beingemployed to play music on your PC is either not connectedcorrectly, or your sound card might be faulty or not set upproperly.