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Ooh err missus' and similar phrases are used on British television and in conversation to indicate that an innuendo has just occurred
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What does the suffix -er mean in weave?

Answer \n. \n. \nA weaver is someone who makes cloth and rugs... that sort of thing. I knew a great lady in Wyoming who made custom rugs for a living, and made all the cloth from the angora rabbits that she raised. It was really cool to see her looms.\n. \nSee this site for more information: (MORE)

What does er mean in biology?

The term E.R. in biology refers to the endoplasmic reticulum of a cell. This is membrane-like structure, continuous with the nuclear envelope (membrane around nucleus). Without ribosomes attached (smooth e.r.), it is responsible for the production of lipids and hormones. With ribosomes (rough e.r.), (MORE)

What does como eres mean?

COMO ERES --- the way you are (informal "you") ¿CÓMO ERES? --- What are you like? (informal "you") You would answer with: Soy __ personality or physical trait. ex. Soy amable, generoso, alto, deportista, atrevido, atlético, delgado, etc.

What does tu eres mean in spanish?

"Tu eres" means "You are" in Spanish. In the Spanish language thereare formal and informal versions of pronouns, and this is using theinformal. Formal version of the same expression would be "Ustedes".

Meaning of suffix er in louder?

The suffix -er when attached to an adjective forms the comparative and indicates more ie louder means more loud, whiter means more white.

What does o' er mean?

it's a contraction of over , pronounced oar as in boat, used only by poets and other mad Englishmen.

What does Ere your worship cease mean?

Paraphrase of words from hymn 962 in the 1889 Methodist Hymnal. The word "ere" is a poetic form of the word "before". So the phrase refers to the ending of a worship service.

What does eres de mean in English?

eres means "you are" from the verb ser - To be. Yo soy -- I am Tú eres -- you are Él/Ella / *usted es -- he/she is * you are (formal singular) nosotros/as somos -- we are vosotros/as sois -- you are ellos/as / *ustedes son -- they are *you are (formal plural)

Eres de What does it mean in English?

Eres is a conjugation of the verb ser which is the verb to be . Eres is the conjuationj used when speaking towards a secondry person or group. De means of/from . It is used to state belonging, as in: "El lápiz de David" = "The pencil of David" or "La persona de Puerto Rico (MORE)

What does they' er mean?

They're - means "they are" ... the apostrophe takes the place of the letter A in "are" thus forming the contraction "they're". Usage: They're coming for dinner.

What is the meaning of tu eres nansi?

Tu eres means you are, but I've never heard of the word nansi is spanish. (I'm not a native speaker.) There is a similar word though, ansi, and the verb form of it is así, which means obsolete.

What does eres pareces joven mean?

As written "eres pareces joven" does not make sense. It literally states "you are look young." "Eres joven." = "You are young." "Pareces joven." = "You look/seem young."

What does it mean to dream of soldi ers?

To see or dream that you are a soldier in your dream signifies discipline, structure, rigidity and your staunch attitude. You are imposing your opinions and feelings on others. Otherwise, dreaming soldiers means that you are preparing yourself to do battle over an issue. You feel the need to defend (MORE)

What does the prefix ER to a name mean?

Many professional post graduates and engineering prefix Er. just as Dr. by a person holding P Hd. or any doctorate. In India usually Er. stands for engineer or any other equivalent professional degree like M.C.A.

What does t'u eres mean?

You are. This is if you're talking to someone you are on a first name basis. If not, or it's someone respected highly, you should use 'usted es' to say "you are"

What does 'erst er' mean in German?

erst er means he first . Erst er und dann du. - He is first and then it's your turn. (literally he first and then you ) Erster means first . Ich bin Erster. - I'm first. (male) Ich bin Erste. - I'm first. (female)

What does FICA ER on paycheck mean?

On a paycheck, FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contributions Act.FICA is the United States Federal employment tax that is imposed tofund Medicare and Social Security.

What does eres caliente mean?

You're hot. We usually use the word "caliente" with sexual meanings like "¿estás caliente?" (a rude expression for telling somebody if he/she feel like having sex) Greetings from Spain

What does 'eres bienvenido' means in English?

Literally, this is "you are welcome", but this is not what you would normally say. "Bienvenidos" is a stand - alone word, or is added to at the end. "Bienvenidos a mi casa" would be "welcome to my house". The English term "you are welcome" as a response to "thank you" is not used in Spanish. In t (MORE)

What does Eres Feliz mean in Spanish?

"Eres" is the present tense familiar (second person) conjugation of the verb "ser", which is one of the Spanish verbs meaning "to be" in English. "Feliz" means "happy". So the phrase means "you are happy", or as a question "¿Eres feliz?", it would mean "Are you happy?"

What does ya er mean in germany?

ja er would normally mean yes he. However that doesn't make sense so it's probably a grammar error that means Yes Him. *Ja ihm*

What does eres norteamericana mean?

It means "you are North American". Most of the time, people use "norteamericano", because people in South and Central America are also "Americans".

What does ER mean in an animal cell?

ER stands for Endoplasmic Reticulum, which can also be found in plant cells. The function of the ER varies greatly depending on the type, and the cell in which it resides.

What does eres tan guava mean?

Eres tan guava = "You are such a guava" Eres tan guapa (probably what was said) means "You are so handsome/pretty (This statement is directed towards a woman or girl.)

What does ere mean in romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare uses this word twenty times in the play. You can substitute the word "before" if you like. For example: Let two more summers wither in their pride, Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride. means Let two more summers wither in their pride, Before we may think her ripe to be a bride (MORE)

What does yo no eres china mean?

"Yo no eres china" is gibberish that translates to: "I not you are Chinese." Yo no soy china - I am not Chinese [Tú] no eres china - You are not Chinese Eso no es china - That is not China.