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What does otonashi mean in Japanese?

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It means "silence," while 'otonashii' means "quiet."
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What does no mean in Japanese?

Answer: No (の) is used as a particle in Japanese to describe something, or to make something possessive. Ex. わたし(I, me) の(no) えんぴつ(Pencil) = My pencil. Nō

What does Japanese mean?

As or of Japan.    A person who was born from Japanese descent(your mother, father, or  grandparents are Japanese) which basically means being born from  this culture

What does do mean in Japanese?

"Do" in Japanese means "the way". For example, Karate-Do means "The way of Karate". It also indicates degrees, as in nijudo is 20 degrees. Do-youbi is Saturday. If lengthene

In Japanese what does are mean?

Kore (this), Sore (that, near the person being spoken to), Are (that over there) Alternatively, 'are' is a verbal exclamation indicating confusion, like someone saying 'huh?

What does you mean in Japanese?

Anata, Kimi, or Omae. The level of politeness is different but they're all "you". Although by all means if you know someone's name use that instead with "san" at the end. It i

What does tensa mean in Japanese?

Generally it would be written 点差 /ten sa/ and means 'point spread' as in betting. If you're specifically referring to the phrase 'tensa zangetsu' from bleach anime, it is