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It means "through difficult (things) I rise." It is likely a proverb or saying, and would (depending of context) mean something like "I improve through adversity." Kind of sounds like a University motto (It. motto < L. muttum "to mutter, grunt").
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How do you say 'per ardua' in English?

The English equivalent of the Latin phrase 'per ardua' is Through harsh things, Through difficulties. In the word-by-word translation, the preposition 'per' means 'through'. T

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What does per ardua liberi mean?

"Free through difficulties". (Liberi is plural, so it refers to people who are free, not a single person.)

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Per ardua ad astra?

  Per ardua ad astra - Through adversity to the stars

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What does ardua mean in latin?

The literal meaning of ardua is something like difficulties, challenges, but it is best known in the saying Per ardua ad astra, which is best translated as Through adversity t

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