What does personal lines insurance mean?

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Personal lines refers to Property and Casualty insurance for an indivdiual as opposed to a business. These would include Homeowners, Renters, Auto, Personal Umbrella etc.

If you are looking to become a personal lines insurance agent, you need to review your the insurance license requirements. Your state insurance department may or may not have a study requirement to complete "X" number of credit hours to take the state exam before selling personal lines insurance policies.

For example, Alabama Department of Insurance requires 20 Course Hours online for Personal Lines insurance licensing before registering for the exam with the state board. You may take Self-Study, Online or Classroom courses.
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How do i find out if a person was insured by their spouse?

Answer . "Was" implies the person is now deceased, I presume? Insurance information may be obtained only by the executor, usually named in a will. Usually, that is the spouse, who should know all insurance details. Otherwise, the executor can review the safe deposit box for policies, or pri (MORE)

What do you do if you get into an accident with a person who does not have car insurance?

Laws will vary from state to state. In some places you must call the police only when the damage is over a certain amount. You should check the situation in the place where you live.\n. \nIf anyone has been injured then you need to call for medical assistance immediately.\n. \nPresumably you have (MORE)

What is a personal lines insurance agent?

A Personal Lines Insurance Agent is a person who sells you insurance for your home, boat, car, motorcycle, umbrella, rental dwelling, vacant property, things that you own personally and not used in business.

What do you mean by insurance?

1. the act, system, or business of insuring property, life, one's person, against loss or harm arising in specified contingencies, as fire, accident, death, disablement, or the like, in consideration of a payment proportionate to the risk involved. 2. coverage by contract in which one party agrees t (MORE)

What is personal injury insurance?

Personal injury . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Jump to: navigation , search James Gillray , Very Slippy-Weather (1808). A personal injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury , either physical or psychological, as the result of an accident or medic (MORE)

What is surplus lines insurance?

Surplus Lines Insurance is insurance that is not written through the admitted market. The insurance companies that are approved to write Surplus Lines business are not considered "admitted" or "licensed" by the states. The insured is not covered by the state Guarantee fund which means that if a surp (MORE)

What is a multiple lines insurance agent?

A multi line insurance agent is an agent who not only can provide insurance for you in a certain field, but multiple fields. For example: if you have an insurance license for Life & Health in a certain state but not Property & Casualty, you will only be able to write business for Life & Health in th (MORE)

What is a limited lines insurance agent?

The Automobile Insurance Agent is authorized to transact automobile insurance of the following types only as defined in Section 660, which consists of the following: 􀂾 private passenger or station wagon-type motor vehicles (with certain limitations); 􀂾 four-wheel motor vehicles within (MORE)

What does it mean to have insurance?

"To have insurance" generally means that an individual or a business entity has purchased an insurance policy from a licensed insurance entity. Again, in general, an insurance entity is a company that, as its business, assumes the risk of loss of a stated category of risks, from third parties. In re (MORE)

Can you be paid by your insurance and the insurance of the person who hit you?

You can collect medical payments under your insurance policy and bodily injury payments under the other person's insurance, but you can't collect for property damage under both. The reason for the property damage limitation is that when an insurer pays your property damage claim, it obtains "subrog (MORE)

What does insurance companies do for a person?

Insurance companies, will often deal with accidental damage/injury, such as a car crash, and will compensate involved parties, so that further legal action can often be avoided. In some countries, insurance is compulsory for certain activities - an example of this, is driving. In the UK it's illegal (MORE)

What is a line personality?

The character of line is the quality of thick and thin, or sharpness of edge of a line. A sable brush (often used in comic books) give the artist the options of widely varying thickness within a single line. A big crumbly pencil can give a strong craggly character to a line. Compare Calvin and Hob (MORE)

How does a person become a Insurance Agent?

You would first need the basic skills that you would attain through an education. Then you should start by asking insurance companies or networking through friends and family who may know people in these companies to help set up a job for you.

What exactly does a direct line home insurance mean?

Direct line home insurance is one of numerous evidences that today you can do practically everything without leaving your home due to Internet. Direct line home insurance is the fastest, the easiest and the most convenient way of purchasing an appropriate home insurance.

Can you get direct line insurance online?

You can get direct line insurance online for many services they offer such as home, business, or auto insurance-even pet insurance. You can start by getting a quote on their website.

What exactly is direct line insurance?

Direct line insurance is an insurance company that is bent on making sure that everyone can have affordable auto insurance as well as different services like boat insurance.

Where can you get personal insurance at?

You can purchase personal insurance from any insurance company either online or in an actual store front insurance company. It is important to have personal insurance so perhaps ask some of your friends or business associates who they are insured with.

What does personal insurance cover?

Personal insurance can cover a wide array of things. It can cover your property, your valuables, even your best interest if you are in business. There is also personal health insurance.

Is it necessary to have personal insurance?

No insurance is necessary, but personal insurance can be a good idea for your peace of mind, and that of your family. If you can afford it, protecting your income and your life is a sound investment that will almost always be worth it in the long run.

Does personal lines insurance include homeowners' associations?

If you are speaking of insurance for the association and the common areas owner by the association, no; it would be a commercial property policy that is implicated. The condo dwellers themselves are in the private market. That being said, the policy form used for condo dwellers is sometimes differen (MORE)

Can a person put another person on their insurance?

If it is Life Insurance, you can select any person you want as beneficiary. If it is Health Insurance, you can add a spouse and/or dependents. This will change your premium so you need to contact your Insurance Company for forms and approval.

Do you have to have have homeowners insurance with a credit line?

Yes, if the line of credit is a home equity line where the home is the collateral for the loan then you will have to prove that you have insurance on the home for the home equity loan. Any time you use collateral for a loan then part of the loan agreement will involve proof of insurance on the colla (MORE)

Can you insure a person and their car on your own insurance?

No. Unless they are your legal, current spouse you cannot do it for any reason. If you do and have a claim, the insurance company cannot pay you because it's not your car and they can't pay the other person, because they do not have a contract with them. No one gets paid and no refunds are issued be (MORE)

What is an HO7 in personal insurance?

ISO has standard homeowners policy forms that most companies use so that when you look at one HO-3 it is the same as another HO-3 unless endorsements are added to change parts of it. They create many different policy forms for all kinds of insurance for use by companies and state insurance departmen (MORE)

What does insurance mean?

In a simple term, Insurance is your personal bodyguard! When you have an accident or a car hit you for no reason, the insurance company that you registered with will pay some premiums till you to become normal. Say, you had some personal injury while working, the insurance company will pay you sum (MORE)

What is direct line car insurance?

Direct Line is the name of a car insurance agency. They deal with car insurance and their approach is to be simple and provide their customer with the best service at a reasonable rate.

Can an unemployed person get disability insurance?

Yes.. Students, residents or fellows without employment, or individuals who have signed a contract but didn't start yet in their practice, can get disability insurance.. Otherwise, you need to work 30 hours or more per week, to qualify for disability insurance.. Lloyds will insure for disability (MORE)

What does personal accident insurance cover?

Personal accident insurance covers the insurance in case of an accident during working hours and leisure time. Accident insurance varies based on the premium, but it usually covers the hospital expenses and additional expenses.

Where can one get a personal watercraft insurance?

There are all types of insurance that can be bought to protect you in a number of incidences. Gieco specializes in creating the perfect insurance for their costumers. If one is looking for a personal watercraft insurance, Gieco would be the best place to go.

Where can a person buy insurance leads?

One can buy insurance leads from Net Quote, Quote Wizard, Agent Insider, Insure Me, Precise Leads, All Web Leads, Parasol Leads, iQuoteX, iLeads, ABC Leads, Prospect Zone, to name a few.

Is life insurance personal property?

Since life insurance policy is issued on individual life, it can betreated as personal property. However, in Keymen policy, where thepremia is paid by the co. on his/her behalf,it will be the propertyof the co. till the policy matures and benefits paid by theinsurance co. to the co. is reverted back (MORE)

What is mean by personal accident insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance Policy provides compensation in case ofinsured sustaining injuries, solely and directly from an accidentcaused by violent, visible and external means, resulting into deathor disablement be it temporary or permanent.An accident may includeevents like rail/road/air accident (MORE)

Where can I get a Direct Line Insurance quote?

There are a lot of online options also available, just search forthe type of direct line insurance you need and you will find manyoptions from where you can get a quote. The company you seek has anonline quote facility via its website