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it means the basic word PENTagon ,NONagon, DODECagon
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What does a prefix mean?

A prefix is an affix at the beginning of a word. . Examples are UN, CO, PRE and MIS MISspelled UNhappy COworker PREquel

What does the prefix A- mean?

it means not without ------------------------------------------------------------- I think they use "a-" as "not" in science (usually..)

What does the prefix by mean?

The prefix by- (or bye- ) means 1 close at hand or near, as in bystander; 2 out of the way, aside, as in bypass; 3 secondary or incidental, as in bylaw, bye-election.

What does the prefix mean?

A prefix is a syllable (or two) or a word added to a root/base withthat changes the word's meaning. A suffix is at the end. Example: Pregame (Pre=before so before the game) Countable (able= can so can be counted)

What does prefix mean?

It is an addition to the beginning of a word or it is a smallnumber or letter next to a larger number in math and chemistry. The opposite of a suffix, its something that you would add to the front of a word. Like done, re-done.

What is the meaning of prefix?

A prefix is a dialing code. OR A prefix can also be a letter or group of letters added to thebeginning of a word to make a new word. A suffix is much the same,but is added on to the end of a word instead.

What does the prefix a mean?

Answer . The prefix "a" means not or against.. No the prefix "a" does not meant against....the prefix for against or opposing to is contra. The prefix "a" just means, without, lacking or not.. This is different because of such:. Amoral would mean to have the exact opposite morals ie thinking doing good things is bad and bad things good. When infact amoral just means, to not think anything is bad.

What is the Prefix meaning in?

The prefix intra can be used to mean in, such as, intramural sports, those held within the walls of the building (metaphorically; it actually means the sport involves only the people at the given location which is usually a school, as opposed to competition with people from another school - the other team comes from outside the walls, although the game itself, if it is a game like basketball, still takes place inside walls). I also merged this question with one about the prefix re; that means again, as in, re-do, do it again.

What is a prefix that means everywhere?

The prefix Omni means everywhere. An example would be, "My motherseems to know what I am doing no matter where I am. She must beomnipresent".

Which prefix means 'equal'?

The prefix that means "equal" is "equi," as in the word "equidistant" (the same distance).

What does the prefix quad- mean?

The prefix quad- means four of something. Quadrilateral, four sides. Quadraphonic, four channels. Quadruped, four legs, etc. also quadruplets, four kids

What prefix means thoroughly?

A prefix is a word that is added to beginning of another word whichin essence turns the word into another word. An example is theprefix un when added to the word willing it becomes unwilling.

What does the prefix ab mean?

Ab come from Latin and is used as a prefix particualry in French and English Latin derivations, and notably in scientific nomenclature. It means from, away from or off. From; by.

What does the prefix geo mean?

The Greek prefix geo- signifies " earth " eg geology is the study of the Earth.

What does the prefix Scribe mean?

Scribe, which means write down, is derived from the Latin word, scribere. Scrib(e) means "to write"

What does the prefix intra mean?

The prefix intra, which is used to form compound words, meanswithin. It comes from the Latin word intra, which is akin tointerior.

What is the meaning of the prefix ob?

In some words it means towards or against.eg. object is to throw towards. obverse is to turn towards. obsequious is to follow towards. The prefix ob- means on or near, before, toward or against, as in offer; with a negative connotation as in occlude; opposite to or in front of as in obstetric; on account of; in a different direction, downward as in omit; away from as in obliterate; and it indicates intensified action as in obdurate.

What does the prefix an mean?

The prefix an- ( or a- before a consonant) is cognate with English un- . Found chiefly in scientific terminlogy, it negates the term it is prefixed to. For example an-hydrous means un-watery, a-pathetic means un-caring.

What is the meaning of the prefix in?

Well, use the word "indestructable," for example.. That means "not destructable," therefore, the prefix -in usually means "not".

What does the prefix be- mean?

Be- as a prefix goes back to Old English. . It has become ingrained in some verbs: begin, believe, become . . It can change an intransitive verb into a transitive one: bemoan, belie, besmirch. . It can also also turn nouns and adjectives into verbs: befriend, belittle, bejewel . . Finally, it is sometimes used on the fly: The bejacketed biker gang claimed the far corner of the pub . The prefix 'be' means all over or all around something.

What is the meaning of prefixes?

Say you have the word 'kind', a prefix is just something that may go before that, like 'un', 'unkind'. eg. dis believe pre date Stuff like that. It's also the Mrs/Miss/Ms/Mr/Dr etc that comes before someone's name. You're welcome. ^_^

What does 'prefix' mean?

prefix is a set of letters you add (hence fix, which means to attach) to the beginning of a word (hence Pre which means before) in order to change the context of the word.. Pre (before) - Fix (attached) so...attached before the word.. ex.) moral: to have a standard separating right and wrong. The prefix "A" means without lacking or not.. So moral becomes Amoral: To be WITHOUT a standard separating right and wrong

What does the prefix do mean?

A prefix is a beginning of a word like the prefix for entangled is en to make. But nothing like a root word.

What does the prefix 'Am' mean?

Am- is not a prefix in its own right. It may form a part of another prefix (such as amphi - in 'amphitheatre' or ambi- in 'ambivalent', both meaning 'both'). It may include the prefix plus the beginning of the root, as in 'amorphous' ( a- meaning 'without' and morphe meaning 'form'). In words like 'amatory' and 'ambulance', there is no prefix; the root just happens to start with am (respectively, amator meaning 'lover' and ambulans meaning 'walking').

What does prefix am mean?

"am" on a radio dial refers to "amplitude modulation". The signal (voice, music) is coded onto the radio wave by changes in intensity. Somewhat like sending a message by turning a light dimmer up and down to change the brightness. The other radio band, "fm", stands for "frequency modulation". The signal is coded onto the radio wave by changes in frequency. Like sending a message by changing the colour of a light from red to blue. While the above is true, it is true for the abbreviation A.M., not the prefix 'am'. The prefix is a phrase at the beginning of a word. For example, in the words 'ambulance', 'ambivalent' and ambiguous', the 'am' means 'love' in greek. It is also the root word of words like 'amorous' and the Italian word for love "amore".

What is the prefix for account and what does the prefix mean?

account originates from the word "conter" (fr.: to count) the prefix a/ad means "to" (from Latin, through French)

What does the prefix cat mean?

'Cat' (or 'cata') is a Greek prefix with several possible meanings: down, against, very, bad(ly), or completely. Example: catastrophe (literally "an overturning")

What does contact prefix mean in an application?

I guess that you talking about the phone number prefix. itsussually the first 3 digits of the phone number for exampls: If you have a phone number in NJ the first 3 digitswould be (609) If you live in a different country, theres always a 3 number digityou would dial in the beginning of a phone number Hope that will help...

What is the meaning for the prefix tri?

Tri means 3. It is a Greek derivative from the word Tria that refers to the number three. Some words with the prefix tri are: tripod (with 3 legs), tricycle (with three cycles).

What is the meaning and prefix of the word advocate?

ad- to, toward --- obviously u r doing same thing with me. and everybody knows It sucks

What does the prefix acid mean as in acidic?

In this case acid is not a prefix, but -ic is the suffix...it means full of acid or contains acid.

The prefix quad- means?

'quad' means four For example, quadrichromy in printing means containing four colors (chrome = color, in greek)

A prefix meaning from or out?

The following prefixes have similar meanings: Ex- can mean out, Out- can mean away from, Ab- or Abs- can mean away or from.

Define the meaning of the prefix extra?

The word extra is not a prefix. There is a prefix in it. It is the first two letters, ex. It means out.

What is the meaning to the prefix co?

Co, it probably means two or more things/people because in Halo, Coop Career needs two or more people to play. Cooperation means two people doing something. I believe the prefix "co" means two or more things or people.

What does the prefix -sym mean?

The prefix of sym means together but if ur talking slang than it means SHUT YO MOUTH! 2nd one doesn't hlp but i find it funn6 ^^

What does 'in' mean when used as a prefix?

the prefix 'in' means not, as in the words insufficient- not sufficient, inconcieveable- not concieveable

What does the prefix Exo mean in exosphere?

The prefix "exo-" means external or outside, meaning that the exosphere is outside what we normally think of as the atmosphere, and is an extension of Earth's molecules into space.

What is the meaning of performance and its prefix?

A show. A display of sequences creating an entertaining story. There is no prefix. The base word is preform.

What does the prefix sept mean?

The prefix sept- is anything pertaining to, containing, or connected with seven. For example, the name Septimus is usually given to a seventh child born in a family.

What does the prefix 'noct' mean?

From the Latin 'noctis', meaning 'night'. This prefix derives nocturnal; active at night and nocturne; composition with a dream-like character

What does prefix ase mean mean?

The suffix -ase means an enzyme. For example lactase breaks down lactose, a milk sugar.

What does the SI prefix 'centi' mean?

"Centi-" usually means "one hundredth of". One centimeter (cm) is 1/100 of a meter, and similarly one centiliter (cl) is one hundredth of a litre. However, centiliters are rarely used, as most volume units are in milliliters instead (1cl = 10ml).

What does the prefix lunar mean?

Lunar refers to the moon (luna in Latin). Lunar is a modifier (as in lunar module, or lunar eclipse).

What does the prefix hexa and octa mean?

6 and 8, but: Hexa as in Hexa-Decimal mean 16 number system. ie: 0123456789ABCDEF : 16 digits. 10 decimal + 6 hexa. Octa as in a numbersystem mean 8 number system. ie: 01234567 : 8 digits. A Hexagon is a polygon with 6 sides. An Octagon has got 8 sides. Examples of numbers in these number systems: 10, 12, 14 =Decimal A, C, E = HexaDecimal 12, 14, 16 = OctaDecimal All representing the same number just in different systems. Additional information: We use the Decimal number system because it is by far the easiest to do calculations with. It has become a world wide standard. We use HexaDecimal and Binary in computers. Octa as in a number system has got no widespread uses as to my knowledge. It might be used in various coding schemes to make information less obviously visible.

What is the prefix in gigabyte and what does the prefix mean?

The prefix " giga " means 1 billion, so a gigabyte is 1 billion bytes

What does the prefix of prefix in mean?

The prefix of the word prefix is pre. Pre would mean before. As most know, a prefix is at the BEGINNING, and a suffix is at the END. Just the word prefix should have given it away. -MaximinePenguinTIME!

What is a prefix which means after?

The prefix; post, means after. So, if you hear someone saying that they are going to post pone a party, then they are really saying that they are going to move the party to a time after the original date.

What is the meaning of the prefix out?

There is no prefix out. The beginning structure of out has just its regular meaning: out.

What is mean by prefix?

A prefix comes at the beginning of a word. Prefixes have meanings from the Latin or Greek language.