What does pure magnesium taste like?

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Like a pile of rotten eggs on their period, dipped in a light fettuccine sauce on a hot humid day in the desserts of the alaskan. They are used in the cooking of many fast food restraunts, such as Wendy's, McDonalds, and burger king. I would reccomend a side of fresh baby carrots. CAUTION: Side Effects include Internal diarrhea, Baby implosion, Exhausiltion austiornlicornous which can be fatal. If you experience a boner for more than one hour after eating call a boner expert.
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Why would everything you eat taste like pure salt?

Most cancer patients undergoing chemo and radiation have this complaint. The Oncologists have no answer......some studies suggest taking Zinc supplements help ease this condit

How does one get magnesium it its pure form?

Magnesium is an abundant element on Earth. Magnesium is not foundin a pure form because it bonds with other elements. A process hasto be applied to get the Magnesium separated

How to make a pure sample of magnesium?

A process for the production of pure magnesium chloride liquor from siliceous magnesium minerals comprises the steps of continuously leaching the siliceous magnesium mineral w

Is magnesium ribbon pure?

No, magnesium ribbon are not pure. They have to be rubbed with sand paper, this removes the impurities on them
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What does pure vodka taste like?

By law, vodka is a neutral spirit, meaning that it can have no discernible taste. warm water and the smell of nail varnish.
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What does pure cocaine taste like?

Pure cocaine should not have a taste but rather make your mouth numb and if it's really good your whole face will become numb :) hope it helps and a chemical taste is most lik