What does raise the roof mean?

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Raise the roof was a common term of the late 1990's. The term generally describes placing your arms in the air with your hands at a 90 degree angle, as if you were placing them on a ceiling and then moving your arms up and down in the position. Past the actual verb of raising the roof, the meaning can be described as to "hype" up the event that's taking place (hypothetically raising the intensity level of the event...to the roof).
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How do you manually raise the convertible roof on a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird?

It is very difficult to manually raise the roof. The top system is hydrolic. I once asked if I can convert it to a manual roof and I was told no way because of the hydrolic system. Sorry for the bad news, but the best thing to do is to figure out what the problem is. If it is the motor you can by pa (MORE)

How do you raise the roof on a 68 Camaro convertible?

Answer . I assume you mean lower the top and not "party down". If you want to lower the top on a 68 Camaro convertible you must sit in the drivers eat and reach up above you near the top of the windshield and grap the little handle. There is one handle on each side. Flip the handle from lying fla (MORE)

What does roof load rating mean?

The roof load is a rating that determines how many pounds persquare foot the roof will withstand. Most roofs are rated above 300pounds per square foot or more.

What does the title Fiddler on the roof mean?

In the film "Fiddler on the Roof," Tevya, a father of fivedaughters tries to keep his traditional world from spinning out ofcontrol in the midst of constant change. Not helping is the factthat his first three daughters defy tradition in their marriagechoices, each increasingly less traditional than (MORE)

What does the word raise mean?

There are many definitions of raise, including: lift up, elevate, build, rouse, parent, put forward, bring up, and activate.

What is the medical term meaning roof of the mouth?

The palate is the medical term for the roof of the mouth. It is called the palate. The roof of the mouth is called the palate. The palate. The Palate The palate, which is divided into the hard palate at the front and the soft palate to the rear. palate

What does it mean when your roof is sagging?

Sagging or deflection in roof structures may or may not mean a problem. There can be several possible causes for this. It does depend on what the roof construction is, and whether this is a recent change to the roof. Some older roofs "settled" as the timbers dried out, and do not have flat planes (MORE)

What are some old hip hop dance songs like raise the roof by luke?

thow the d was the first sorta hit by the 2 live crew. me so horny , pop that coochie , banned in the usa and many more. luke was better with the 2 live crew, and they were better with him (other members raps have more skill than luke) try 2 live crews greatest hits available wherever music is sold (MORE)

What does it mean when a cat raises its back?

it depends on the situation: if its purring or the like it wants to be pet but if he is hissing/angry then it means he is threathening you/other cat/anything else and i don't think it will be a good idea to get close because he will scratch you. A lot of the time its just streaching its muscles

What does 500 square mean as it pertains to roofs?

500 square would be 50,000 square feet. Not knowing in what context this is used, it could be that it should read or mean 500 square feet which would be a small roof. 50,000 is a very large roof. Shingles are figured in squares. 1 square is 100 square feet made from 3 bundles of shingles on average. (MORE)

What does the raising of Lazarus mean?

There are actually two stories of the raising of Lazareth. In Luke , the story is a parable told by Jesus and was intended to explain a moral principle. Luke, characteristically, wanted a story where the poor man triumphed over the rich man in heaven. Some say that the inspiration for this story w (MORE)

What does it means if your neighbor dreams your roof is on fire?

Dreams are about the dreamer. If your neighbor dreams that your roof is on fire, the dream is about your neighbor's emotions , not about you. For example, the dream might express your neighbor's fears that foreclosed homes in the community will affect his property values.

What is the meaning of an idiom raised eyebrows?

It means an action or statement that causes surprise and usually a bit of doubt or disbelief among those who hear it. "His announcement that he had invented a gadget that would allow any car to get 80 miles to the gallon caused some raised eyebrows in automotive circles."

What does it mean to raise a number to an exponent?

To raise a number to an exponent means to multiply it by itself as many times as the specified exponent. For example: 2 3 or "two to the power of three" is the same as 2 × 2 × 2 3 5 or "three to the power of five" is the same as 3 × 3 × 3 × 3 × 3 y 2 or "y to the power (MORE)

What does it mean if an owl is on your roof at night?

If you are superstitious, it could mean different things in different places around the world. The Zulu believe an owl on your house is a sign that someone is going to die. If you are not superstitious you know that an owl on your roof is using your house as a high vantage point to find mice and o (MORE)

What does it mean when rabbits raise their ears?

When a rabbit raises his (or her) ears, that means his interest has been piqued. Maybe there was a noise, and the rabbit is a little alarmed? Maybe the rabbit is laying down, and you have been talking to him and trying to get his attention - and he slowly raises one ear and points it at you, or pe (MORE)

What does hit the roof mean?

To hit the roof means to become very angry. The image is of you being so angry that you jump up and down and your head hits the ceiling or roof.

What does the expression 'raise the roof' mean?

The expression 'Raise the roof' means to make a loud noise by clapping, singing, shouting. For instance at a gig people would come back from it and say the band 'raised the roof' as in the crowd went crazy, singing, cheering, clapping and shouting.

What does it mean to dream of a new roof for a house?

In dreams houses are generally interpreted as "self" or sometimes "family". Roofs can be equated with security or protection. In some instances a roof can be interpreted as "spirituality" or "religion". So the two most common interpretation of your dream are: 1) You and/or your family are getting (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Raising the Roof - 1972?

The cast of Raising the Roof - 1972 includes: Ian Allis as Clyde Burke Barrie Gosney as Robbins Michael Gould as Jack Robertson Hare as Old Gent Patricia Hayes as Aunt Maud Roy Kinnear as Dad Burke Tutte Lemkow as Alf David Lodge as Manager Michael McVey as Rod Jean Moran as Mrs. Robbins Kay Skinner (MORE)

What does Tevye's dream mean in fiddler on the roof?

Tevye pretends to have a dream to trick Golda into letting Tzeitelmarry the tailor (whom she loves) instead of the butcher. In thesupposed dream, the ghost of the butcher's dead wife comes up fromthe grave and threatens to kill anyone who marries her husband.