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i think it means something to do with adding your voice hi george ============== No. Reverb is short for reverberation, which is what happens when a sound is "bounced" within a space, creating echoes. For example, when you speak in a church and you hear remnants of your voice decaying after the initial sound was made. Reverb is frequently used in music recording to create a sense of space, warmth, "vibe", and reduce harshness. Phil Spector is famous for using a great deal of reverb on his "Wall of Sound" recordings. When there's a lot of reverb on a recording, you say the recording is "wet"; an unprocessed, clean signal is called "dry".
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Why do you say reverb is wet?

Depending on how wet a track is means how much reverb there is. Dry means little or no reverb. Very wet lots of reverb. Its probably originated from dry as in nothing added so

How many reverbs are there?

There are five reverbs. The four main reverbs are plate reverberations, chamber reverberations, digital reverberations, and the sub reverb is convolution reverb.

What can one do with the Fender Pro Reverb?

Fender Pro Reverb is a high-end guitar amplifier, made in 1965 and discontinued in 1982. One can use the Fender Pro Reverb as an amplifier for his or her guitar.

Where can one purchase reverb pedals?

Reverb pedals are accessories for guitars. This means that people interested in purchasing them should try a music store, such as Musician's Friend or Guitar Center.

What services does Lexicon Reverb provide?

Reverb is the latest plug in offered by Lexicon that allows you to mix and edit music. It also provides 32 additional effects and allows you to run two effects at the same tim