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What does savvy mean in the book savvy?

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It is your special magic power.
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What does savvy mean?

verb (used with object), verb (used without object) 1. to know; understand. adjective 3. shrewdly informed; experienced and well-informed; canny. "Savvy" is slang derived f

What is mibs savvy in the book savvy?

If anyone has ink on them wether tattoo or pen, she can hear what the person that has the ink on is thinking. For an example if somebody has ink on there skin and is thinking,

What are the savvys in the book savvy?

mibs read minds through ink on the skin fish creates weather rocket electricity momma she is perfect grandpa bomba land or earth grandma capture radio waves Dinah O'Connell co

What are all the characters savvy in the book savvy?

The Beaumont family:Mississippi aka Mibs - The thirteen-year old main character. Her savvy is the ability to hear a person's thoughts spoken by any ink drawings on their skin.

What is savvy?

Savvy means the ability to do something in both a quick and efficient manner.

What is Gypsy's savvy in the book scumble?

It is a bit unclear at the end of the book, but if you read it you might remember that she knew Ledge would be an artist when he grew up. So, she might be able to see the futu

What is the meaning of savvy?

            ANSWER:     Savvy means understanding.   Example: The teenagers were well-educated and Media-savvy.   (Understanding)

What is the main problem in the book savvy?

the main problem in the book savvy is that mibs was trying to find a way to save her dad at the hospital from the car accident. She was supposed to use her savvy power that co

What is a savvy?

  a savvy is a power that every person gets on their thirteenth birthday. if your younger than thirteen beware of your savvy. sometimes they can be crazy. mine is invisibi