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What does sf mean in maths?

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S.F. stands for "significant figures". they are used to simplify large complicated numbers.tis is done as it does not make any significant difference while doing the calculation.as if you do calculation with .00234*some number .then if we neglect last value the accuracy will will reduce to 4 digit. means we get correct answer for four decimal place. For example 12981342 could be written to 4 sf as 12980000.
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What does 1 sf mean in maths?

1 sf is the area represented by a square that has a length of 12 inches (1ft) and a width 12 inches (1ft) This area does NOT have to be a square, it can be any 2 dimensional s

What does lots of mean in maths?

The term "lots of" in maths is the same as "times". 4 lots of 3 = 12 4 x 3 = 12

What does nano mean in maths?

it means 1 billionth of a unit!!

What does rage mean in maths?

If you mean the range, it means that you work out the difference between the smallest and biggest number in a sequence.