What does sulfur dioxide do to the atmosphere?

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Sulfur Dioxide is a poisonous gas,When the fumes of sulfur dioxide are released in the atmosphere it combines with the normal rain to form Sulfuric acid(acid rain).When this acid rain comes down it lowers the pH of lakes and ponds,Which causes the gills of the fish to suffocate.It also leaches aluminum ions out of the soil and causes the trees to wither and die.When it reaches the city area it destroys the buildings and stoneworks.
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Why does sulfur have a 1 charge in sulfur dioxide?

Answer . I don't think sulfur has a charge since sulfur dioxide is a covalent bond. In covalent bonding no charge is produced because its between two nonmetals which share electrons. Since neither atom gains or loses electrons, the protons and electrons are balanced, producing no charge.. In res (MORE)

Is sulfur dioxide an element?

No, sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ) is not an element. It is a compound comprised of two oxygen atoms and one sulfur atom.

What is sulfur dioxide?

Sulfur Dioxide is a colorless, extremely irritating gas or liquid, SO2, used in many industrial processes, especially the manufacture of sulfuric acid.

Sulfur dioxide Lewis structure?

The Lewis structure of sulfur dioxide has two double bonds betweenthe sulfur and oxygen atoms. The S in the center has two doubledashes, each connected to an O. The S then has one set of doubledots and each O has two sets of double dots.

What is the cause of sulfur dioxide?

Sulfur dioxide is created by the combustion of sulfur, sulfurous fuels (bunker oils, coal), the smelting of sulfide containing ores (pyrites) and the combustion hydrogen sulfide (usually as a waste/safety process). Sulfur can also be emitted from diesel engines as a sulfate solid. Sulfur dioxi (MORE)

Does sulfur dioxide have a covalent bond?

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) is covalent. This is determined because the compound begins with a nonmetal. When any compound begins with a nonmetal, it is covalent. If it were to begin with a metal, such as Magnesium Bromide, then it would be ionic due to the fact that the compound begins with a metal.

What are sources of sulfur dioxide?

Sulfur dioxide is formed by the combustion of sulfur. One of the principal ways of leakage of sulfur dioxide to air is through the sulfuric acid industry. Another way is the burning of material which are made out of vulcanized rubber that contains sulfur.

How does sulfur dioxide and nitrous dioxide get in the air?

high temperature combustion produces nitrous dioxide gas A2: There is no "nitrous dioxide" gas--only Nitric Oxide (NO2) and Nitrous Oxide (N2O; laughing gas). NO2 is produced by burning at high temperatures, say a car engine running lean; and also produced naturally by lightning. Sulfur dioxide can (MORE)

Where does the polluting sulfur dioxide come from?

It comes from things such as volcaino's ( as a volcaino errupts the sulphur dioxide is shot up into the air in a big cloud of smoke witch then pollutes the earth).It can also come from coal or crude oil. :) SMART THINKING!! I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER x

How does sulfur dioxide affect the atmosphere?

sulfur dioxide is fairy reactive in air, it reacts with water in the air to form sulfurous acid, which is acid rain, SO 2 (g) + H 2 O(l) H 2 SO 3 (aq). Acid rain pretty much kills plants.

What acid does sulfur dioxide form?

Sulphur dioxide is an intermediate towards producing Sulphurous acid . It is a chemical compound produced by volcanoes, burning coal and petrol, such fumes passing into the air produce acid rain thus are a cause for being an environmental concern.

What are the methods that can be used to remove sulfur dioxide gas from the atmosphere?

About the only way sulfur dioxide gas can be removed from the atmosphere is by washing it out with water. But water and sulfur dioxide create sulfuric acid, and you'll have acid rain. There really isn't a "good" way to remove SO 2 from the air. It is best to try to keep it out of the air in the fir (MORE)

Is sulfur dioxide an acid or base?

It is an acid, as exemplified by the fact that Sulphur Dioxide is one of the few substances that reacts with water vapour to form acid rain.

Why is sulfur dioxide needed?

In food and drink production Sulphur is used as an anti oxidant. It is commonly used in wine and cider production, as well as in the apple juice industry. You will also find it is used a lot in the dried fruit industry. Sulphur dioxide prevents oxidation which is the effect of oxygen on a product (MORE)

Why is sulfur dioxide dangerous?

It depends where it is as to how dangerous it is. Used in foodstuffs and drinks it acts as an effective antibiotic and antifungal agent - it has been used for hundreds of years to preserve wine for example. If inhaled however, sulphur dioxide is absorbed by the moisture present in the lungs and form (MORE)

How carbon is converted into sulfur dioxide?

Carbon cannot be converted into sulfur dioxide. Carbon burns in air to form carbon dioxide. Sulfur burns in air to form sulfur dioxide. A possible source of confusion is that coal, which is mostly carbon, can release sulfur dioxide when burned because it often contains impurities of sulfur (MORE)

What state is sulfur dioxide?

At room temperature, it is in gaseous state. When it evolves it is red in colour and smells like burning sulphur.

Do volcanoes cause sulfur dioxide?

Sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ) The effects of SO 2 on people and the environment vary widely depending on (1) the amount of gas a volcano emits into the atmosphere; (2) whether the gas is injected into the troposphere or stratosphere; and (3) the regional or global wind and weather pattern that dispers (MORE)

How will you test for sulfur dioxide gas?

You can attempt to pass the gas into aqueous acidified potassiummanganate(VII). Sulfur dioxide turns it from purple to colourless. It forms a white precipitate of barium sulphate when passed through a solution of barium chloride and chlorine water.

Substance that will remove sulfur dioxide?

Basically, sulfur dioxide is a acidic gas. As acid reacts with alkali, carbonates and metals, all 3 are actually ideal to remove sulfur dioxide. However, in the context of removing sulfur dioxide due to air pollution, reacting sulfur dioxide with alkali and carbonate would be more appropriate. Fo (MORE)

What can sulfur dioxide do to you?

If you inhale sulfur dioxide, some of it can combine with the fluids in your lungs to make very weak sulfuric acid that may damage your lungs. Also, sulfur dioxide has a terrible odor. It can make you hack and cough for up to five minutes when you catch a whiff of it.

Which is softer sulfur dioxide or silicon dioxide?

Sulfur dioxide, at room temperature is a gas, so, I guess it is "softer". Silicon Dioxide is a solid at room temperature, and is 8 (very hard)on the Moh's hardness scale. If powdered, though, it "feels" soft. But it still will scratch many substances--plastics, marble, etc. It makes a good polishing (MORE)

How can a human produce sulfur dioxide?

Physiologically, nearly all the sulfur in our diet comes from protein, specifically the amino acids cysteine and methionine, and it is critical in forming the proteins that our bodies need. As protein metabolism actively builds and breaks down proteins and amino acids, excess sulfur in tissues or th (MORE)

Is sulfur dioxide a sulfite?

No. A sulfite is a compound containing the sulfite ion,SO 3 2- . Sulfur dioxide is the anhydride ofsulfurous acid. Sulfites are salts of sulfurous acid.

What can sulfur dioxide gas lead to?

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a toxic gas. In the air It can combine withwater vapor (H2O) in the air resulting in sulfuric acid which,dissolved in rain, can come down as acid rain.