The conflicts between the Black and Latina inmates never seem to end. Why is this feud such a big part of the 'OITNB' plot and why can't these women get along?

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What does UPS mean?

UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply.   UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply.

What is a tart?

What is a tart?

A tart is a sweet pastry filled with some kind of fruit filling, or in the case of Pop Tarts, other flavorings like chocolate and cinnamon.

How do you find the ninja pop-tart on pop-tarts com?

  I haven't found the ninja yet but I am so close to finding him. All you have to do is get the black belt by playing the game next to jim's gym. quit after you win the fi

What does tart mean?

What does tart mean?

According to another answer on this site, 'tart' is the name for a 'small-pie'.I'm not sure I agree with this, as one of the key facets of a pie is that it has a pastry top or

Why is a pop tart called a pop tart?

It is a tart-like pastry, hence the word Tart in its name. The "Pop" does not refer to popping out of the toatser - It was named Pop-Tart as a play on the "Pop-Art" craze at t

Can you make a tart base without a tart tin?

A tart is more what it is rather than what it is made in. A tart is a thin baked good either sweet or savory. That said, you could roll out the dough, put it on a cookie sheet