What does terms net 10 eom means?

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EOM stands for "end of month".

Net 10 EOM means that the net amount of the account is due 10 days after the end of the month which the sale was made.

Eg. Customer buys $25,134 worth of merchandise from your store on 14th July.
N10 EOM credit terms means that this account must be paid by the 10th June.

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Edit: I believe in the example that the original poster meant 10th August as the pay date as 10th June would be roughly 11 months after purchase.
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How do you ask for net 10 payment terms?

Putting "2% 10 net 30" after the amount on an invoice would indicate the buyer could take a 2% discount if paid in 10 days, and the full amount is expected in 30 days. See:

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What does net 60 eom mean?

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Net 10 eom?

The payment to the supplier is due in FULL 10 days after the end of the month of the invoice. If the invoice is issued January 15th . The payment in full is due February 10th.

What means Payment terms 30 days eom?

The phrase 30 days EOM stands for 30 days End of Month. A paymentterm that is granted as a 30 day EOM typically has a total of 45days for the length of the credit.

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An invoice dated 4/21/10 with Net 10 EOM+60 Days will be due within 10 days of the end of month (5/10/10) with an additional 60 days after that. So the due date will be 5/10/1

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I understand that "Net 30" means "due in 30 days" (Net15 & Net60 mean due in 15 or 60 days, respectively, etc), but sometimes invoices simply say "NET" with no number. In my
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