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What does the Nissan centra flashing car symbol mean?

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Death and disease.
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2003 Nissan sentra check engine light flashing and car won't start?

  A flashing check engine light (CEL) means it needs to be taken to a mechanic now. Nissans have a history of sensors coming on, but a flashing sensor indicates a problem

What does it mean to flash card your car computer?

your car is only programmed to go so fast and to allow a certain fuel to oxygen ratio. to flash your car means your changing those ratio's allowing your car to perform at it's

What does the word centra mean?

The centrum is a part of all the vertebra which make up the spine. It is the solid part in the centre of the vertebra. The plural of centrum is centra.

What do the hand symbols mean in the Uno Flash card game?

The "slap" card replaces the "reverse" card from traditional Uno. After playing a "slap" card, the player hits the big yellow button; other players race to hit their own red b

What means flash program ecu in a car?

The ecu (or PCM) is the drivetrain computer. A flash update is just  like a Windows or Mac program update. The manufacturer has altered  the code and it has to be installed

What does a flashing engine light mean on a Nissan elgrand?

A flashing check engine light is due to a condition that is causing catalytic converter damage. Normal cause is a severe misfire A flashing check engine light is due to a con

What does it mean to have a flashing security light on a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder?

A flashing CEL light means that the computer has detected a pattern of misfires that's serious enough to damage the catalytic converter (a $1,200 part). You should stop drivin

What kind oil filter for Nissan centra 2009?

Multiple maufacturers offer oil filters, here are a couple with part#.   Mobil 1 - M1-108   Bosch - 3300   K&N - hp-1008   stp - s6607   Fram - PH6607   TG66

What does it mean when red flashing key symbol in dashboard and car wont start up?

Without knowing your exact brand of car, this is a difficult question to answer. The first thought I have would be that your vehicle has an immobilizer, in which case you will