What does the R stand for on Kirk's tombstone in Where No Man Has Gone Before?

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nothing. it was just a continuity error, or a guess bye the person who made the tombstone, at his middle name....
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What is tombstoning?

Answer . Tombstoning (an extreme sport) is when you jump off the cliffside into water for fun/adrenalin. However this can be extremly dangerous and has killed people in the past due to them not checking the depth of the water and then finding that they're jumping into shallow water..

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Is the phrase 'to boldly go where no man has gone before' proper English?

Yes, it is correct grammatically. The only criticism it might get is the question of political correctness. Some people would object to the use of the word 'man' in the phrase. I'm guessing that is why a later incarnation of Star Trek used "no one" rather than "no man." = ROFL... I disaagree! de (MORE)

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Its very simple. Lift your oppent up to the tombstone positon. Next, make sure that you are holding your oppent high up because when you go down your knees hit the ground not their head.So there is no way they can get hurt by doing it this way!

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What are tombstones?

they are rocks with r.i.p. written on them. Many individuals feel that only a tomstone can adequately memorialize a loved one. They are placed at the grave of a deceased loved one to memorialize them, as well as for practical purposes - they mark the grave.

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What does EGA stand for on a tombstone?

I love puzzles like this and did some research on this one. I can only find three hints on this one, as:. That some parachutist call it the "Earth Gravity Alliance" although the "A" is sometimes changed to other terms; and that its use with someone deceased normally refers to the failure of a chute (MORE)

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It seems like she n Adam are over,which I'm shocked about,and she was supposidly grinding on some guy at the Mobo party according to todays paper

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It was something that Shaggy 2 Dope took from the Navajo nation. When ABK left psy he used the kokopelli. The kokopelli had many looks including a warrior with a tomahawk. ICP was actually sued for bootlegging the image and the record label they were signed to at the time ended up paying the Navajo (MORE)

Where is Tombstone?

Arizona.Tombstone is in Arizona in the western city of the Cochise Countyin the United States.

What does it mean 'can man improve his standing before God by good works'?

No one can improve his standing before God through good works. God sent Jesus to die for our sins, because sin requires a payment. We aren't capable of paying for our offenses. Only Jesus who was perfect, holy and flawless could pay those sins for us. The shedding of his blood through His death on t (MORE)

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Technically it's a reboot since a different actor is playing Spiderman. Spiderman will be played by Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) and his love interest will be played by Emma Stone (Zombieland)

Why do Muslims stand before Allah?

They not only stand but also bow and prostrate to Allah, because he is the Almighty creator of this Universe and all living creatures, and is done as an act of devotion, worship and submission

Who is tombstone?

It's not a who, is a what. Tombstone is a legendary Boothill graveyard in Arizona. USA. It's part of the old wild west society in thd 1800's

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On a business letter, p.p. stands for per procurationem. It allowsa designated person (usually a secretary or personal assistant) tosign a letter on behalf of the president or higher management of acompany.