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What does the Speed Governor in a car do?

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I know of no car today that has a governor. Cars are computer controlled and have either a rev limiter or a fuel shut off or both. The purpose is to limit the speed of the car, and/or the revolutions that the engine can turn.
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Where is the speed governor located on a 1991 Honda Accord and can it be removed without the car having any problems?

There is a governor on the 1991 Accords, but it is controlled by the ECU and cannot be removed without hacking the ECU. The fuel cutoff is at 7,000rpms but the governor is at

How do you go about removing the speed governor?

Answer   It's been reported the dealer can remove it, but you can certainly understand their not wanting to. Get friendly with a technician. Bribes help, too. (6-12-24 pa

Where is a speed governor look like?

Lines of computer code. The speed governor is a programmed setting,not a physical component.

Speed governor in a diesel engine?

It's part of the Engine Control Module.

What is a governor on a car?

The most common use of a governor is to limit the top speed of the vehicle...most newer cars have them and the speed is set by the manufacturer...they can be changed with a fl

How can you find out what the speed limiter - governor - in your car is set to?

You should check with your auto dealer or manufacturer. A mechanic who specializes in the make of your vehicle might also be able to help you.   Take the vehicle out on the

Car speed governors?

the government require that all new cars (and all cars, after 5 years) be equipped with speed governors that use GPS
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Can you install a speed governor on a jeep?

If it has an electronically controlled engine (if it's fuelinjected, then it is), there already is one. Changing the settingsrequires the ECM to be reprogrammed.
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What is variable speed governor?

A variable speed governor is an engine part that works with the engine to govern speeds required within the engine. It serves to keep the engine at a steady speed as set by th