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What does the Speed Governor in a car do?

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I know of no car today that has a governor. Cars are computer controlled and have either a rev limiter or a fuel shut off or both. The purpose is to limit the speed of the car, and/or the revolutions that the engine can turn.
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2000 cavalier Z24 top speed with out the speed governor?

  i have not tested it yet but according to my math my 2000 z24 cavalier picks up 26 mph for every thousand rpm in fifth gear so if you took the car to 6 thousand rpm whic

Can you put a speed governor on a Mustang GT?

It has a stock governor at 135 mph witch can be removed but not replaced or changed now on the 2011 mustangs there is an option called MYKEY witch allows a parent to have one

How does the air affect the speed of a car?

The air effects the speed of the car because its kind of like a parachute. if you have a car that's not very aerodynamic it will catch the air and have to push it, but if you

Does the weight of the car affect the speed of the car?

Yes...a heavy car will accelerate slower, take longer to stop and ultimately have a lower top speed then if it were lighter. The first two are correct but the last is wrong.

Affect of aerodynamics on speed of a car?

Ground effects term applied to a series of aerodynamic effects used in car design, which has been exploited to create downforce(downwards thrust created by the aerodynamic cha

How does surface of car affect car speed?

If the surface is rough/bumpy , the vehicle cant safely go as fast as it can on a smooth road. Also if the car is bouncing, it's aerodynamics will be disturbed causing more dr

What is variable speed governor?

A variable speed governor is an engine part that works with the engine to govern speeds required within the engine. It serves to keep the engine at a steady speed as set by th

What is a governor on a car?

The most common use of a governor is to limit the top speed of the vehicle...most newer cars have them and the speed is set by the manufacturer...they can be changed with a fl

How to reset governor on rental car?

You cannot; these are in place to control the speed of the rental vehicle, and will not permit the rental vehicle to go above 79 miles an hour, which is dangerous.

Where is the electric scooter speed governor?

yeah i was wondering the same thing and i think its just a small piece near the motor or the chain... loosen some sh*t and ull probly find it... google the picture of governor

How do you take out the speed governor?

  Answer     go buy a programmer such as hypertech's power programmer. That is about the only way to take out the top speed limiter unless you know a programmer