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What does the blinking red light on a ipod mean?

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Like, maybe, the battery's getting low?
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What does it mean when the light blinks green to orange on the bottom of an iPod shuffle 5 times?

Connect the iPod to a computer, go to iTunes, click on your iPod, press settings, click on restory, and the issue shoul be resolved. ^^^are you crazy?!!! if they do that al

What does the blinking orange light on ipod shuffle mean?

An idea On the card you got with your shuffle it says "don't disconnect". I think it means that the shuffle has to stay plugged in for it to charge fully. Optionally, you

What does the red blinking lights on the xbox360 mean?

It means your Xbox is broken. You must call Xbox to get it repaired.. Xbox contact #'s: Hours of operation Phone assistance is available seven days a week. . 9:00 A.M.

What does two red lights blinking on xbox 360 mean?

System overheat So what you can do before you do anything disconnect everything from your xbox that is attached to it, Pull out the hard drive then clean the xbox very w
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What is the white lights blinking across the red light mean?

They're an additional feature to focus your attention towards thetraffic light. The human eye is quicker to catch a flashing lightthan a steady light.