What does the boys' basketball game have that the girls' basketball games don't?

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More height, speed, strength, athleticism, skill among the boys
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Who created the game of basketball?

Dr.Brian Scalabrine a Canadian introduced it by using a peachbasket. But there was no such thing as travelling at first. James Naismith was the inventor of basketball in 1891 inSpringfield, Massachusetts. This is where the sport was born, andwhere you will now find the Basketball Hall of Fame. As At (MORE)

How long is a basketball game?

A basketball game (NBA) is technically only 48 minutes. However, with half-time, timeouts, fouls, and close games, a basketball game is actually around 2 1/2 hours. The game is divided into 4 quarters, each 12 minutes long. Should the score be tied at the end of the fourth quarter, the game will (MORE)

How do you score points in a basketball game?

Shoot the ball into the hoop.. A freethrow is 1 point.. A shot from outside the 3pt line is worth 3 points.. In regular play, any shot inside the 3pt line is 2 points. You get 2 points for every basket you make in.

Who was the first girl to dunk a basketball in a college game?

Only seven women have ever dunked in an official NCAA game. The first was Georgeann Wells, a West Virginia Mountaineer. Her first dunk was on Dec. 21, 1984, against Charleston, and her second was eight days later against Xavier. Six others have dunked since: Charlotte Smith (North Carolina) (MORE)

How is the game scored in basketball?

The game of basketball is scored with 1,2 and 3 point shots.Players get 1 point for foul shots, 2 points for any field goalthat is not beyond the 3 point line, and 3 points for shots beyondthe line.

How important is center in basketball game?

Center is very important on any basketball team. Center is usually relied upon to get offense and defensive rebounds, while also getting open under the basket for an easy two points.

When was basketball introduced in the Olympic Games?

Men's basketball debuted at the 1904 Games in St. Louis as a demonstration event.. Men's basketball has been a medal event at the Olympics since the 1936 Games in Berlin. Women's basketball has been a medal event since the 1976 Games in Montreal.

What to eat before basketball games?

Before playing basketball, eating a light meal of fruits, nuts, andprotein will be beneficial to the player. A person should make sureto stay hydrated. Hydration is very important therefor should bedone before, during, and after playing any sport.

What is the duration of a basketball game?

NBA basketball Games last 48 minutes total. They have 12-minute quarters. College basketball games last 40 minutes and have 20-minute halves. High School basketball games usually last around 28 minutes, and have 7 minutes quarters on average.

Basketball game duration?

Well in the NBA, where they have four twelve minute quarters. The minutes total is 48 minutes. As for duration, it depends because sometimes the refs will stop the clock for a while. They will stop the clock to look at replays to see if they got the calls right, technical fouls, ejection of players, (MORE)

How high has a basketball bounced in a basketball game?

The highest a basketball has ever bounced during a game was about 478.89 feet on an outdoor court in Pembroke,Ontario (Canada). It happened when Micheal Minns was running the court, bounced it off the concrete and the ball was gone. About 52 seconds later the ball bounced again and Minns jumped 13.8 (MORE)

How is a game of basketball game restarted?

it is started by a jump ball, and only last for 5 minutes, who ever is ahead after the five minutes, is the victor (winner). in case of another tie at the end of that overtime, a second overtime would start with the same rules as the first overtime.

How do you get out of a basketball game?

If you get two technical fouls or you happen to cuss out the ref in your church ball game. Also you do not run into the stands and punch the fans. That is not good.

Playing basketball is a difficult game?

Playing any sport can be difficult. Basket is a difficult sport in the sense that it takes a tremendous amount of effort to play and be successful. To play basketball one must be in shape, be able to shoot, dribble, pass, rebound, learn plays, recognize the defense, and other skills.

Why do more people go and see boys basketball games more then the girls basketball games?

That's not necessarily true. If you're asking about middle/high school games, then it's probably just parents being more interested in their boys than their girls (just kidding). There are more opportunities for young boys to get involved in sports than there are for young girls. If you're asking (MORE)

In basketball what is the method to start the game?

The Jump Ball. One player from each team, usually the Center/tallest player, line up at mid-court. the referee tosses the ball up in the air. the two players jump in an attempt to tip the ball to a teammate to gain possession.

Why is there no womens basketball video game?

There is simply just not enough interest. All woman's sports sports never get as nearly enough attention as mens sports. Video game developers do not wan't to waste money on making a game that will barely sell.

What does a basketball do in a basketball game?

The basketball is the most valuable object in the game. You willneed to work its way down the court by dribbling or passing withoutdouble dribbling, travelling, going out of bounds, and fouling.Your goal is to place the ball in the the net and yell BUCKETS!!!!!

Why do they call timeouts in a basketball game?

Coaches or players call timeouts for several reasons. One common reason to call a timeout is to change the momentum of the game. If an opposing player is getting in three-pointer after three-pointer, you might want to call a timeout and hope it disrupts his hot streak. Another reason is to substitut (MORE)

What is the game basketball?

Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five players try to score points by throwing or "shooting" a ball through the top of a basketball hoop while following a set of rules.

Is basketball an indoor game or an outdoor game?

well you can play basketball inside but it's best not to so that nothing doesn't get smashed or someone might get hurt. it's more senisble to ply outsie because you have more open space and can play with a group of mates. and playing outside is fun becaus eyou can show your skills and move around it (MORE)

How do you annoy people at basketball games?

Just keep talking and talking . just cheer like this " BOOO , you don't even shot one , your not qualified to be a player your qualified for being a cheerleader or a mascot . such a lame .. BOOO

What is a good snack to feed girls after a basketball game?

Chocolate Milk is a good replenishing drink for after any workout. A good snak to eat with it would be celery and penut butter, it gives the kids great protein and vegetables. Also, you could try apples and clemintines. The citrus juice in the clemintine, orange, or tangerine with refresh your body. (MORE)

How do you post game in basketball?

It is a game played for bigs, it is close to the basket, usually on the block and requires you to push a defender back closer to the basket and then make one of many post scoring moves

Who discovered basketball game?

Basketball was created, not discovered. It was created by a Canadian American , Dr. James Naismith in 1891. Dr. Naismith was a physical education professor at what is now Springfield College.