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What does the color red symbolize?

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red means anger and war.


Red is also the color of Love, Passion, vigor, courage, etc. Red is not just a color that symbolizes violence but also the will of youth and passion.
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What color is symbolic color of heroism?

The color maroon is symbolic of courage, bravery, heroism, and strength.

What does the color red in 'The Scarlet Ibis' symbolize?

Death, because red is the color of blood. Doodle's body is red when he is born. The tree outside the house is called 'the bleeding tree.' The ibis which dies is red and after

What does color red symbolize?

In the chinese culture it represents luck. In western culture it can mean love or death or fire or passion. Answer In the Bible, red symbolizes wartime, bloodshed.

The red convertible symbolism?

Symbolizes -freedom- allows Henry/lyman to leave the reservation -innocence- Henry offers the keys of the car to lyman before the war -the bond between the brothers- mos

What does the color red symbolize in the Bible?

it reprensents the words that Jesus spoke...so if the letters are red that means Jesus said those words.  it reprensents the words that Jesus spoke...so if the letters are r

What does the color black symbolize when children color with it?

when children draw with black they are drawing with black?    There are many people who will assume that a child using a black crayon or paint is expressing anger, depr

What colors make the color red?

none, red is a primary color along with yellow and blue. primary colors are the three colors that when mixed together correctly make every other color in the light spectrum

What colors do you mix to get the color red?

You cannot mix anything to get red. Red is what is known as a 'primary' colour and cannot be made by mixing others. Another primary colour is blue. You cannot mix anything to
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What color does red and yellow and red?

Equal parts of the two colors make orange. If you mix 2 reds and one yellow you end up with a reddish orange color. You can mix the two colors in other ratios to make other hu

What do colors symbolize?

What do Colors Mean? Blue means: youth, spirituality, truth, and peace. Green means: nature, envy Red means: love. Purple means: loyalty and wealth. Yellow means: h