What does the computer term memory mean?

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Where data can be stored.
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What does a computer MB memory mean?

An MB, which means megabyte, is a size measurement. The more MBsthere are in a stick of RAM or in a hard drive the larger it is.More RAM allows your computer to typically hand

What is the meaning of computer memory?

Computer memory is what data the computer can keep stored. Acomputer can return to your favorite web address because it isstored in it's memory for example.

What is mean by the term maximum addressable memory?

Maximum addressable memory is the most information a computer canstore without having to delete something to make room for space.The maximum addressable memory also takes into

What does the term emotional memory mean in drama?

Emotional Memory describes when the actor creates a character using past experiences. Say if you were getting into the role of a father, you would use memories of your father