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The koi fish swimming up stream means the person is currently in a battle or struggle and are still fighting obstacles but wont give up. They have overcome obstacles and have now gained the strength they need to continue against the current. The koi fish swimming down stream means they don't yet posses the strength to make it against the obstacles to move towards success. They have already achieved their goals, overcoming their obstacles and no longer fighting the current.
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What does a koi fish tattoo symbolize?

Koi Tattoos: According to Japanese legend, if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon.

What does the Yin Yang fish tattoo mean?

I designed a yin yang fish tattoo several years ago. My zodiac sign is Pisces, and for me, this was a part of it. The design also referred to the importance of balance and the

What does a koi fish and dragon tattoo symbolize?

Koi: There is a Japanese/Nihongo myth that says if a koi fish is capable of climbing the walls of a waterfall, a point called "Dragon Gate of Yellow River" that it would be tr

Does it mean anything when a koi fish is swimming up or down on a tattoo?

Direction of a Koi Tattoo Here are opinions and input from FAQ Farmers on whether the direction of the koi fish is significant: SOMEONE ACTUALLY SAID THIS: "Yes - when a koi i

What does a coy fish tattoo mean?

In Japan this fish symbolizes love and friendship. In America, it symbolizes the most righteous dude alive!!! ~love coy ................I'm sorry, but if you don't know som

What does a koi tattoo facing downwards symbolize?

  Answer   Kois symbolise strength in the Asian culture. Facing downwards generally means that the way the Koi is directing in the way in which the power will flow.

What does the colors of koi tattoos mean?

The colour of a koi tattoo may have personal meaning to the person getting it, or a generalised colour meaning could be used, as in red for passion or love, blue for calm etc.

What does a tattoo of two koi fish symbolize?

Answer   In Ancient Chinese legend, a tale has it that any Koi fish that overcame the turbulent,dangerous waters of the falls at Dragon gate would be transformed into a

What does a man riding a koi tattoo mean?

This is a depiction of young Kintaro, or "Golden Boy", fighting a  giant carp. Kintaro is a semi-mythological hero of Japanese  folklore, and many Ukiyo-e printmakers depict

What do the colors of koi fish tattoos symbolize?

  Answer   The Koi is symbolic with family. On Childrens Day Koi flags are raised, Black Koi the father, Orange/Red mother, Blue/White for a boy, red/pink for a girl.

Can a koi fish a lotus and a mythical Phoenix Bird be displayed together as a tattoo?

In all seriousness...NO! A koi fish, a lotus and a mythical phoenix bird should never be displayed together in a tattoo. This schmorgasborg, if you will, of magical and mythol